You are currently viewing 28 blog post ideas for February 2021

28 blog post ideas for February 2021

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As we get ready for a new month, you’ll spend time planning your content. Here are 28 blog post ideas for February 2021.

Blogging daily is a good way to build your audience and get a momentum in producing content. Coming up with the ideas for daily posts can be difficult. One of the ways you can do this is through a theme for the month, and February has a few themes you can work with.

Consider blogging about love or about Black History Month.

Alternatively, you can run with these post ideas. There are 28 blog post ideas for February 2021 giving you one post per day.

  1. Write about the season of love
  2. Cover Groundhog Day
  3. Favorite books for Black History Month
  4. Favorite TV shows for Black History Month
  5. Favorite movies for Black History Month
  6. Local features and tours for Black History Month ($)
  7. Top Valentine’s Day ideas for singles
  8. Top Valentine’s Day ideas for couples
  9. Last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  10. Date night ideas for Valentine’s Day
  11. Best recipes for Valentine’s Day
  12. Best romance movies and TV shows for Valentine’s Day
  13. Best romance books to read this weekend
  14. History of Valentine’s Day
  15. President’s Day: Local state attractions or monuments
  16. Leftover ideas for the day after Valentine’s Day
  17. How to stick to the New Year Resolutions you set
  18. How to care for your skin during winter
  19. Tips to get ready for the spring
  20. National Love Your Pet Day: What you love about your own pets
  21. X ways to save money on Y purchase
  22. History of George Washington to celebrate his birthday
  23. X Tips to get ready for your Valentine’s Day wedding next year
  24. X best ways to use tortilla chips
  25. X things to do with the kids while it’s still cold
  26. Share your favorite fairy tale for National Fairy Tale Day
  27. Update an old blog post
  28. X ideas to spruce up the garden in the spring

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What are you planning to write about this month? Which of these blog post ideas for February 2021 are you running with? Share your thoughts in the comments below.