Blogging Blissfully is the new home for Become a Freelance Writer. For more than a decade, I’ve created content for businesses and individuals, making a living as a freelance writer. Now, I focus on niches that interest me and I’m passionate about, continuing to make a living doing something that I love.

It’s not easy. Nothing worth doing is easy. But it’s an exciting journey that you can be on with me. Blogging Blissfully will help you find everything you need to make a living writing. Whether you want to do it through your own blog, revenue share sites, or private clients, this is the place to help guide you through your questions and concerns.

There’s no judgment when you come here. There are some people who will tell you not to sell your services at bidding sites. Others will tell you not to write for revenue share sites and not to accept low-paying clients. Honestly, my belief is that you do what makes you happy, as long as you get paid and you’re consistent with your work.

If you love to write for revenue share sites and want to boost the amount you earn, I’ll help with that. When you want to start your own blog, I’m here with tips. Blogging Blissfully is all about being happy and blissful in your blogging/writing life.

For those who would like more than just the blog, I offer my coaching services. Get in touch via email at for more information on this and I’ll be happy to talk!