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Should you add video to your blog posts?

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Have you heard that video marketing is the way to go? Is it time to add videos to your blog posts? Here’s what you need to know.

Video marketing is growing in popularity. You may have even heard that blog posts are dead, and that video marketing is the only way to go. I don’t recommend dropping blogging right now. There are still la lot of people who prefer to read. There is an accessibility benefit for those who are deaf or are losing their hearing. It’s also beneficial for those who read on their phones while other are around.

But you still want to use video marketing. It’s time to add video to your blog posts. Here are some tips to make sure you do video marketing right.

Is there a relevant video?

There’s no point putting a video* in for the sake of it. This just isn’t useful and turns readers off. It’s important to have a relevant video. One that expands on the points that you’ve made, or offers more points to answer their question.

Now you need to decide whether you want to add someone else’s video or create your own. There are benefits to creating your own—put it on YouTube and it is another audience to talk to. However, creating your own video takes time and skill. You also have to work out which type of video you want to share.

If you can’t find a relevant, helpful video then creating your own could be a consideration. However, if you’re not comfortable sitting in front of the camera or don’t have the time to create a quality and helpful video, then there’s no point in creating one for the sake of it. Your post will work better without one.

You can always write your content and publish it without a video. You can then go back in and add video to your blog posts at a later date. This works well when you’re repurposing content.

Which medium is better for getting your point across?

Would it be easier to get all your points across in a video? Or is the written word better to explain yourself? Some people think video is easier because you can show, but description is sometimes more useful.

There are times that a blog post could just be a video. You just need a few words to introduce it and encourage people to click it. It really depends on the best way to get your point across.

This can change over time. You don’t just have to stick to one method or not. If you find your audience is starting to move to video after initially connecting to your blogs, you can switch!

Does your audience expect you to add video to your blog posts?

My audience on this blog likely expects blog posts, and that is something that’s always in the back of my mind. When you’re deciding whether to add video to your blog posts or not, you need to think about your audience.

What do they expect from you? Have you already built a reputation for offering quality content? Suddenly adding a video could throw your audience off, especially if you put the main body of the content within that video. I will say that it’s probably not going to affect things negatively, though. While they may not expect the video, they may appreciate it.

I know when I’m reading my favorite blogs I expect to read something. I usually have music playing in the background, or I have my children around me. If I have to turn everything off so I can watch the video, I’m more likely to click the back button. The only time I’m prepared to turn it all off is when I know that a video is possible or I’ve decided I want to watch it.

However, I do appreciate the blog posts that have the writing as well as the videos. This gives me the choice, and I’m less likely to hit the back button.

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Do you want to add video to your blog posts? Have you done it in the past? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and let’s make your blog the most effective blog for you.

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