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Will AI content generators replace writers?

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There are a lot of concerns that AI content generators will eventually replace writers. Is that going to happen in 2023?

Technology is taking over. It seems like everything we do now can be replaced by technology, and even writers are worried. 2022 saw the rise of AI content generators, and naturally, freelancers are worried that the software is going to make them obsolete.

Maybe in a decade or two. There’s a chance that the technology will be advanced enough then. I don’t think we have too much to worry about in 2023, and I’ll share my opinions about why.

What are AI content generators?

Before getting into why they won’t replace us, it’s important to understand what AI content generators are. You put in some keywords and the technology will write the content. It is as simple as it sounds.

So, if the computer can write the content, doesn’t that mean that people aren’t needed? This content is good enough to pass as if a human wrote it, and it can rank well on Google. So, why would someone hire a writer when they can churn out content via the AI content generators?

Why AI won’t replace writers

Right now, we don’t have to worry. Even a lot of of the AI generator programmers have said that the technology isn’t good enough to completely replace writers…yet. Of course, as the technology gets better, we need to watch out. That’s a fair way away right now, though.

I think we’ll see a lot more writers using AI content generators, though. This could give some writers the edge as they can get content written faster. They’re still needed for one step, though: to make sure the content reads well.

While content generators are good, they’re not perfect. Some of the sentence structures can read a little iffy now and then. There’s also the need to replace some cliches and idioms to make the content flow better. Then there’s some of the statistics that need to be added in, depending on your niche.

Everyone needs to remember that the AI technology isn’t a conscious human. It predicts words by a program. It doesn’t have the knowledge that writers do to help a sentence read well and naturally. Sure, AI is good, but it’s not perfect.

Then there’s the need to source videos and images. There’s the need to add links. There’s the simple need to edit. All these jobs are still being done by humans, making writers not completely obsolete. But you can bet that I’m going to start using it more just for the basics to build on.

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What do you think of AI content generators? Are you using them to help with your writing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.