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Why you should try to avoid burning bridges with clients

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You have a difficult client and want to move on. Here’s why you need to avoid burning bridges with clients as much as possible.

Burning bridges will see like the easiest way to get rid of bad clients. They may demand too much, or they may not pay on time. We all get clients who expect the world for nothing. However, you need to think carefully about how you deal with the breakup.

And yes, that’s what it is. It’s a breakup, and breakups are hard. They don’t need to leave foul tastes, though. Keeping things positive in the breakup will help you in the future.

Think being a nightmare to get your own back is better for your mental health? It probably won’t be, and you could damage your reputation in other ways. Here’s why you need to avoid burning bridges with clients no matter how bad they are.

Burning bridges with clients isn’t good for business

I’m going to put the most obvious first because you possibly haven’t thought about it this way. Your freelance writing career is a business. Yes, a business. That means you need to leave your personal feelings at the door.

It’s time to think carefully about the best for your business. If you burn bridges with clients, how is it going to help you succeed as a freelance writer? It might make you feel better initially, but think about the client that you’re not getting back.

Clients may be horrible. There are plenty out there who act like children, but that doesn’t mean you need to, too. In fact, they’re expecting you to act like a mature adult.

You will ruin your chance of referrals

Burning bridges with clients means you will definitely ruin all chances you had of getting referrals. Sure, you may think that’s great, but PITA clients don’t just know other PITA friends. They could refer your dream client to you.

But, you’ve ruined that chance by acting like a toddler.

I’m going back to point one here. This is a business. If you ruin your chance of referrals, you ruin the chance of getting more business easily.

Do you really want to risk that?

Negative reviews can damage your reputation

The internet is a dangerous place, and I don’t just mean for innocent children. Negative reviews can quickly tarnish a business’ reputation, whether you deserve it or not.

Burning bridges with clients gives them a reason to attack you personally and professionally. They can leave negative reviews anywhere online for other prospective clients to see. It doesn’t matter what really happened. People will read those reviews and think that you are a nasty piece of work.

There’s really no point in risking this.

Yes, you can add rebuttals, but you might not find where all the reviews are. And there is the chance that prospective clients won’t believe your side of the story.

So, is it really worth it? You tell me.

Burning bridges with clients is something you want to avoid as much as possible. There are going to be times when it isn’t possible because of the way the client acts in the breakup, but you want to remain neutral and professional.

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