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What is the best length for blog posts?

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You’re ready to start writing, but you need to know how long your content should be. What is the best length for blog posts now?

Honestly, I’ll be upfront about the answer to this question. By the time I write something, it’s going to be out of date. The best length for blog posts is constantly changing depending on how people want to get their content. There’s a push for more content to be in video format.

Even without best a blogger, I hate the move to video. Too many people don’t put captions on their videos, so I have to listen with sound. I’m usually doing research while around other people or doing something else, so sound isn’t an option. And what about deaf people? It’s why blog posts are never going to disappear.

But enough of that. What about the length of blog posts. Should you write 500 words? 2000 words? 5000 words? Is there even a correct answer?

Only say what you need to say

Cut out the fluff and stick to the answer to the question or solution to the problem. There’s no need to say something in 1,000 words if it can be said in 500 words. The simple truth is the best length for blog posts is however long they need to be.

People don’t want to read the extra. It’s as simple as that.

You may write thousands of words at first. Once you’ve done that, reread everything and cut out the words you don’t need. Sometimes you’ll find whole paragraphs can be omitted.

If you go off-topic at any point, cut it out. Find you’re bringing up other points? You don’t need it in there.

By the way, that means if you’re doing a recipe blog, only the recipe is needed. We don’t need your story on why a specific ingredient is so important to you!

Can a video or image say it better?

People like to see images or watch videos rather than read in a lot of cases. It could be worth creating an infographic or a video to use in your blog post or article.

Of course, this depends on your personal tastes and the platform the blog post or article is for. Some sites will not allow videos and images, and will even have a minimum length required. Others will expect all the points to be in written form, and the videos and images are to expand or just add for aesthetic reasons.

When it’s your own blog, images and videos can work perfectly. In this case, the best length for articles and blog posts is usually minimal, and writing should only be used to introduce the other types of content.

I recommend having a mixture of content for each topic. You’ll reach a particular audience with video, but other members of your audience will prefer the written word.

Your topic or niche for the length of blog posts

Readers expect the content in some niches to be more detailed than others. This is very much the case for science, medical, and some educational topics.

For example, my content for my history pieces on sites like HubPages and Wizzley is always around the 800-word mark at least. In many cases, the content is longer than 1,000 words. It’s always on topic and goes onto the content into the detail that the readers expect.

When it comes to blogging and writing niches, the content is usually no more than 700 words because there’s not really a need for any more. If I’m in the Entertainment niche, I’m probably going to be between 300 and 600 words.

Think about the length your readers expect, but make sure you cover everything you need to.

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There is no one specific best length for articles or blog posts. It really does depend on a few factors. The most important factor is to say what you need to and keep it at that. Short and simple is often best because of the attention spans of others, but you do need to make sure people are well-informed and take away everything they need to from a post.

What questions do you have about blogging? Let me know in the comments below.