You are currently viewing 31 blog post ideas for August 2021: Back to School, fall prep, and more

31 blog post ideas for August 2021: Back to School, fall prep, and more

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It’s the last full month of the summer, and this is the time for many people planning to go back to school. Here are blog post ideas to write throughout August.

There is a lot going on this month of the year. It’s a good time to write fall content. Yes, it’s the middle of the summer, but you want to get your content ranked on Google, and that takes time. This is a good time to write some Halloween content ready for October.

It’s also a good time to write content for back to school. There will be parents looking for backpacks and other school supplies, while others are just looking for ideas to manage the time of year or get children ready for new schools.

However, what if you don’t do seasonal content? There are other ideas to run, whether it’s focused on making the most of the last days of summer or posts for specifical national days of the year.

Not sure what to write? I’ve got some blog post ideas to run throughout the month. There’s something for every day of the month of August. And yes, this post is a day late, but you can run the posts whenever you want.

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31 blog post ideas for August

  1. A blog post all about making the most of the last full month of the summer
  2. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: Make your own ice cream sandwich or the best places to go in your area
  3. Best back to school products to buy
  4. Top 5 books to read during the summer
  5. Tips to prepare for the first day at school
  6. Top 5 items you just can’t live without at home
  7. Tips for parents looking to get back to work when the kids go to school
  8. National Eye Exam Month: Offer the best tips to find cheap eyeglasses or share your favorite eyeglasses
  9. Top 5 things to do in your city before the summer ends
  10. Share a post about your biggest mistake and what you learned
  11. Top 5 tips to get ready for the fall months
  12. Share your top WAHM/blogging tips for those just starting
  13. Write about your favorite restaurants to eat with the kids before they go back to school
  14. Write about your favorite resturants without the kids for when they’re back at school
  15. Share the morning routine you have to help keep things smooth
  16. Top tips for fall travel
  17. Top Halloween decorations to buy
  18. Top Halloween decorations to make
  19. Top fall decorations to buy
  20. Top fall decorations to make
  21. Write about changes to your closet ready for the fall
  22. Share favorite Instagram photos before the summer ends
  23. Preview the fall TV shows you’re looking forward to
  24. Look back at the movies everyone should check out from the summer
  25. Do a post about the Q4 goals (yes, Q4 starts in October, but remember ranking!)
  26. Preview Labor Day sales
  27. Top tips for Labor Day 2021
  28. Top places to visit in your city for Labor Day 2021
  29. Share your favorite items for your business to help others
  30. Last minute summer ideas while there’s still time
  31. Review your summer and what you’re looking forward to in the fall

August is a great time of the month for blog post ideas. There’s always something to write about regardless of the niche you’re in.

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Which blog post ideas are you using for August 2021? Share your thoughts in the comments below.