You are currently viewing 31 blog post ideas for March 2021

31 blog post ideas for March 2021

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Sometimes, the hardest part of blogging is coming up with new content ideas. Here are 31 blog post ideas for each day in March 2021.

If you want to blog daily, you certainly need a lot of content ideas. And those ideas can’t duplicate something you’ve written about in the past. Okay, they can be a similar topic, but you need to find a way to offer new content.

Even if you don’t blog daily, you can draw a blank sometimes. It’s time to plan out your content, and I have 31 blog post ideas for March to cover every single day.

Themes for March 2021

For me, my theme of the month is going to be different ways to make money writing. I’ll look at eBooks, fanfiction, and even book reviews. Of course, blog posts and other types of content will also be covered.

But you can cover all sorts of other themes.

In the UK, March is when Mother’s Day falls. In many parts of the world, Daylight Saving Time begins.

It’s International Women’s Day, there’s St. Patrick’s Day, and spring cleaning is a thing this time of year. There really is plenty to write about when you think about it!

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31 blog post ideas for March

Are you ready to get the 31 blog post ideas? Of course you are!

  1. Spring cleaning tips for your blog: Everyone needs them!
  2. Read Across America Day: Share the 5 top books you recommend for a certain genre or age group.
  3. Continue the book theme with a roundup of books you read in February.
  4. Spring cleaning tips for your house: Yep, there will be a lot of people searching in the coming weeks, so now is a good time to write.
  5. Spring cleaning the closet: It’s time to move to the spring wardrobe.
  6. Sock Monkey Day: Do a sock monkey craft and share the method to make it.
  7. Namesake Day: Share your namesake if you have one. If you don’t, what about your children or who you would have been named after if your family did namesake names.
  8. International Women’s Day: Write a post about the most influential women in your life.
  9. Tips to organize your home office.
  10. Daylight Saving Time is coming up on March 14, so share tips on how to prepare for losing an hour.
  11. Do you love or hate Daylight Saving Time? Share whichever one it is and why.
  12. Middle Name Pride Day: What’s your middle name?
  13. Talk about the apps that you love the most that aren’t used for business (and aren’t social media!)
  14. History of Daylight Saving Time. Every time this year people ask why we even bother putting the clocks forward. Explain why.
  15. How have you stuck to your resolutions? What are you changing for the next quarter?
  16. If you have $5,000 to spend on your blog, what would you buy? Do a post and invite your readers to share what they would get.
  17. St. Patrick’s Day: How are you celebrating? Tips for celebrating in a pandemic. Ideas for a social distancing St. Patrick’s Day celebration at home.
  18. Awkward Moments Day: This is a great chance to share your most awkward moment growing up or with your blog. What lessons did you learn?
  19. Tips to celebrate International Day of Happiness tomorrow
  20. 5 things you’ll do when there’s no longer the talk of social distancing and the pandemic.
  21. It’s spring! Finally! This is a great time to look at things you’re looking forward to this spring. Keep it positive.
  22. It’s Talk Like William Shakespeare Day, so share your favorite Shakespeare quotes or plays.
  23. It’s Puppy Day, which is a great time to share some puppy training tips, puppy product tips, or just tips before you get a puppy!
  24. Top tips for Spring Break at home
  25. Easter is the start of next month. Offer top tips for Easter at home.
  26. Live Long and Prosper Day: What do you love about Star Trek? Maybe something about a specific character or actor.
  27. It’s Earth Hour today. How will you get involved?
  28. X Easter eggs to get the kids (or your loved ones) this year.
  29. Do an Easter craft and share the steps.
  30. X books to read in April/X TV shows or movies to watch in April.
  31. World Backup Day: Top tips for backing up your blog content.
Blog Post Ideas for March 2021

Which blog post ideas are you running with in March? Let us know below!

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