You are currently viewing 30 blog post ideas for November 2021: Thanksgiving, holiday prep, and more

30 blog post ideas for November 2021: Thanksgiving, holiday prep, and more

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Can you believe we’re getting into November already? Need blog post ideas for all 30 days? I’ve got you covered.

November is a big month. In the U.S., it involves Thanksgiving. There are Black Friday sales, a “holiday” that has spread across the globe now. Then there are people preparing for Christmas and the holiday season as a whole, while also getting ready for the end of the year.

You’ll want to capture a lot of these big moments when blogging. That’s why it’s worth planning out your content, and here are 30 blog post ideas you can run with for November 2021. Have fun with it!

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30 blog post ideas to use for November 2021

  1. Your goals this month
  2. Top Thanksgiving meal ideas
  3. 5 ideas for the kids to have fun over Thanksgiving
  4. Ideas to use up the pumpkins after Halloween
  5. Ideas to use up all the candy from Halloween
  6. Favorite Thanksgiving movies
  7. Favorite Thanksgiving TV shows
  8. Fun ideas for the kids as the weather turns colder
  9. 5 things you’re grateful for
  10. X ideas to enjoy Single’s Day (which is Nov. 11)
  11. Rememberance Day/Veteran’s Day post
  12. Tips for layering clothes when dressing for fall
  13. World Kindness Day: What it means to be kind
  14. Tips to teach children gratitude
  15. Top vegan recipe ideas for Thanksgiving
  16. Tips to show the Black Friday sales
  17. X favorite books for a cozy fall
  18. Best boots for the fall weather
  19. Restaurants that are open Thanksgiving locally
  20. What to do if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving
  21. Your favorite Thanksgiving traditions
  22. Tips to plan for the holidays straight after Thanksgiving
  23. Best family movies for the holidays
  24. Best movies for the adults for the holidays
  25. Favorite Thanksgiving songs
  26. The history of Thanksgiving (wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving today!)
  27. Best on-the-day sales for Black Friday
  28. Cyber Monday shopping tips
  29. Advent calendar ideas
  30. Best Cyber Monday sales

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What are you blogging about in November? Which blog post ideas are you running with? Share your thoughts in the comments below.