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Blogging in 2020: My goals for Blogging Blissfully this year

When I first starting Blogging Blissfully, I had a bunch of goals. I had a lot of thoughts and ideas to bring. And then…nothing materialized. In fact, I didn’t blog at all in December 2019. But it’s a new year, a new decade, and time for a fresh start.

The problem is, it’s easy to make goals. So I want to write X amount per month or I want to make Y amount of money. You likely have these goals, right? They’re okay, but they’re not great. The truth is without a plan, your goals are just dreams. And that’s where things are changing right now.

Blogging Blissfully has a plan

I’ve set up a plan for the blog this year. I’m not going to lose steam, and I’m going to stop getting so overworked in other areas that the blog is put to one side. You are a priority to me, and it’s time that I show that.

Each week, you’ll get two pieces of content from me. They’ll be posted on Mondays and Thursdays. This week is a little different as I get things in order for the plan. After all, Monday was the day before New Year’s Eve and Thursday was the day after New Year’s Day. My whole week has felt off!

So, ignoring today as I share this plan with you, I’ll bring content twice a week straight here on the blog.

What to expect from Blogging Blissfully in 2020

A topic for the month

Something I’ve always found useful is having a sense of a topic for the month. January is all about looking back over the previous year and looking ahead at the new year.

Over the last 12-24 months, a lot has changed in my business. Back in January 2018, I quit The Inquisitr. I shared a story about why I made that decision. I know some people would regret that decision. In fact, the initial decision was for 90 days and I was going to assess where I was in that time to see if I wanted to go back. Two years on, I’m still away and I’ll look at why I don’t regret the decision and why you shouldn’t regret stepping away from a site that isn’t working for you.

The Inqusitr isn’t the only site I’ve quit in that time. Just recently, I made a decision to step away from a site that I used to get a lot of my private clients through. Which site and why? I’ll share more next week.

If you can’t tell, January 2020’s topic is all about changes—changes for the better in your writing life. Sometimes you have to take leaps of faith, and that was certainly something I noticed when I looked back over the last decade!

Each month, I’ll bring a new topic. I’ll decide on the specific topic closer to the end of each month, so you have the chance to share what you would like to learn more about in the blogging or writing niche.

My blogging goals for 2020 at Blogging Blissfully are relatively simple. Simple is best, making sure I deliver and offer you the content that you deserve.

What would you like to learn about blogging and writing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.