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Top blogging tips for when you run out of ideas?

What do you do when out run out of ideas?  It happens to everyone at some point. Here are my top blogging tips to help.

I don’t care who you are. Eventually, you feel like you run out of ideas. Sometimes, it can be from tiredness and stress. Other times, it’s because you’re lacking motivation or the topic you’re writing on doesn’t interest you.

Running out of blogging ideas can be a disaster for a writer, whether you blog on your own site or you have private clients. Here are my top blogging tips to help when running out of ideas.

I step away from the problem

One of the best things to do is actually step away from the problem. I learnt to do this while I was a university and ran into a problem I couldn’t immediately solve and I’ve found it really works for writing too.

Personally, I like to take a walk or run, although the latter is becoming less of a possibility due to home life and circumstances. Getting out gives me the chance to take in some fresh air and I’m able to just get away from the stress of coming up with new ideas. Now that I have dogs, I tend to harness them up and take them for their longer walks. They love it and so do I!

If I can’t get out of the house, I often turn to baking. This usually gives me stuff to write about anyway as I share recipes, but it is also a chance for my brain to think about something different.

Find something that works for you. Think about a hobby other than writing that you enjoy, and you will recharge the creativity to come up with something new.

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Read other blogs and books

How do you come up with new ideas? Read some of the stuff that others have written and let their creativity inspire you. This does not mean directly copy them! Just use their ideas to come up with something different and better.

You will usually find that something has been said before. When you searched for new blog ideas, you would have found plenty of people writing about it. However, we all have a different take and ideas that have worked for us. Nobody is the same, so each post should be different.

Hey, this sort of topic has been blogged about time and time again. People may have the same initial blogging tips as me, but they don’t have the same personal experience or ways around it.

Reading other people’s blogs and books is good for you anyway. Even if they are on a different topic, you learn something new that will inspire you to create new, interesting, and great content.

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Use something personal

Think about a personal situation and the solutions you came up with for it. There are others facing that situation, or something similar. They want help to get out of it, and your solution may be just for them.

This blog is based a lot on situations that I have dealt with and solutions that I have found work for me. They’re my blogging tips to you. I know you’re coming across these similar situations, so my inspiration is to share my personal solutions in the hope that they help you.

I want you to learn from my mistakes, instead of having to make them yourself.

Blogging Tips When You Run Out of Ideas

Re-purpose old content

You don’t have to come up with something brand new all the time. There will be things that you have said in the past that are still highly relevant. Look back over your old content and re-purpose it.

Don’t directly copy it, though.

Add an update. Look for new information to add in. Look for a new angle on the story.

You don’t just have to blog. Turn an old post into an infographic or a video. Or you can turn an old video into blog content.

It’s much easier to re-purpose old content than create new stuff.

Have you found other ways to handle when you run out of ideas? What are your top blogging tips? Share in the comments below.

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