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Why I chose SiteGround for my website hosting

There are so many website hosting companies out there and it becomes difficult to choose between them but you need one when running a blog. SiteGround wasn’t the first blog company I chose, but it’s the one I’ve stuck with for many years now.

If you’re anything like I was when I started, cost was a major player in your decision. But you knew that old saying “you get what you pay for.”

The last thing you want is for your website to constantly crash just because you opted to save a few bucks. When I first set up my hosting, I didn’t opt for SiteGround. The first company was actually more expensive and it served me well for four years. Then came a month-long slow-loading problem that just wouldn’t go away.

In August 2016 I needed to change my hosting provider. So, I made a switch to SiteGround website hosting. I’m going to share why I chose SiteGround, despite BlueHost and HostGater being among the most popular options.

People I trusted recommended it (and had bad experiences with other web hosts)

One of the first things I did was put out a call to people who I trusted. I asked them who they recommended for website hosting because I needed to make a switch. The majority of people suggested SiteGround.

Personally, I’d never heard of the company. That didn’t mean much, though. After picking my original hosting company in 2012, I didn’t pay too much attention to other companies. I knew about the most popular ones like BlueHost and HostGator, but I didn’t pay attention to all the rest that came up.

It meant I had to do some research into who SiteGround was and what they could offer. I also took to Google to find out other reviews: I wanted to know both good and bad. Now I expect a company to have some bad reviews. What I found when Googling SiteGround compared to the likes of BlueHost and other recommendations that there were far fewer negatives compared to the positives. So there were still some unhappy people, but not too many compared to happy customers.

They could handle it all for me

I hated the idea of moving my websites across to a new hosting company. It was one of the things putting me off to a cheaper service.

Well, that changed when I learned more about SiteGround website hosting. One thing I learned was that the company would do it all for me. The first site was free and all the rest I would have to pay a small amount for (and then pay for the domain hosting transfer). They’re annoying business costs but worth it for peace of mind.

Plus these types of business costs are taken off my overall profit. It wasn’t like I was losing out!

When I did make the switch, the whole process was completed within a week for every single site I had. I did them one at a time to make sure there weren’t any problems, so they could have been done within a couple of days.

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The costs were reasonable

While I wasn’t bothered about finding the cheapest, I’m not going to lie and say that cost didn’t come into it at all. Of course I was going to look for a reasonably priced web host.

That’s what I gained with SiteGround. I found out that I could pay for the full year upfront at a discounted rate, with a discount on offer from the site as a new customer. Okay, so next year’s costs will go up but even then the costs will be lower than the amount I was paying with my previous host.

When I converted the currency (my other host was in UK pounds), I worked out that I was making a 33% saving. I’ll take that!

And this was for the middle plan—one that would allow multiple domain names. I have multiple blogs!

Why I Chose SiteGround for My Web Hosting

Customer service is second to none

This is something I’ve learned very well since moving to SiteGround. There is no issue with getting in touch with someone about problems or with questions. I had what would have seemed like some of the simplest questions to some, but got a polite and informative responsive within minutes (I was expecting days).

I did find this customer service was available before I signed up, too. I’m always cynical about initial customer service, since they will always put the people who sell well on new customers. They want that customer to buy, right?

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The customer service was something that others had shared was good about the company. It’s a common complaint with a few other well-known website hosting companies, so I’m not surprised that this comes up a lot in reviews.

If you’re looking for web hosting for your blog, I highly recommend SiteGround.