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Creating the schedule and plan for a 30-day blogging challenge

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You’ve decided you want to do a 30-day blogging challenge. The idea is to start in April, but you need to set your schedule and plan now.

There are some great reasons to get into a 30-day blogging challenge. If you’re starting a new blog, getting back into blogging, or just want to push yourself, you can see a lot of growth with any type of blogging challenge.

You’ve probably got it in mind that you’ll start in April. Or maybe you’ll start in May, or you’ll do it sometime in the summer when you don’t have as much on. That doesn’t mean you can put off the prep work. You’ll need to set up a plan and a schedule for the whole challenge.

Why you need a schedule

Surely you can just write as you feel, right? Well, there is an element of that in blogging, and there’s nothing wrong with making some slight changes to the plan as inspiration starts. I’ve made changes to a schedule before because of news that has come out. A blog post that connects to the news is more timely.

Schedules don’t have to be set in stone, but having one will make blogging easier. You’ll be able to just look at what you had planned, and sit down and write it.

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve sat down at a blank screen and had nowhere to go. All because I didn’t have a schedule. When doing one post a week, it’s not too bad. I can put it off a bit and move on. When doing a post a day, getting behind isn’t helpful.

Your plan needs to have an idea of posts for the entire time you’re doing the blogging challenge. The more detail you have, the better.

How to create a schedule and plan

So, where do I get started to create my plan and schedule?

First, I like to have some sort of idea of a series if I’m doing a blogging challenge. In the past, I’ve put the focus on making money writing for a while month, or I’ve chosen the topic of marketing for private clients.

Once you have a theme for the month, you can then set out some blog title ideas and find an order for them.

When I do it, I’ll put them in my diary, so I can just check and write each day. I’ll also be able to get ahead so I’m not actually writing every single day of the week. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling your posts through your blogging software.

Sometimes I’ll get detailed ideas. I’ll note these down with the titles to help me take posts in the right direction.

What to do when blogging challenge plans don’t go right

Sometimes what you plan won’t work out. It’s annoying, and all you want to do is scrap it all. Why bother when it’s just not worked out?

Don’t just quit. Take your time to recollect your thoughts and get back on track. I’ve taken months out of blogging properly because of a big move or lifestyle change. Then I get back on track with things once I’m in a mindset to do it.

I didn’t feel guilty for taking the needed time away. But I never thought about completely throwing away the old work that I did. I just made sure I got back to it when I was able.

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What type of blogging challenge are you getting involved in? What tips do you need to help you blog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.