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5 amazing tips to crush writer’s block and create more content

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I’ll be honest. I’m of the mind that any writer who says they’ve never had writer’s block has either not written much to get it or is lying (or maybe they don’t want to admit it to themselves).

There is nothing wrong with getting writer’s block. We do all get it, and usually during times of stress. The recent mess of 2020 has proven that writer’s block is an issue.

Our livelihoods count on our writing. Whether you blog for yourself or you have private clients, you need to be creative to earn more money. So suffering from writer’s or blogger’s block is a huge problem.

That leads to stress, which leads to the problem getting worse. It’s a vicious cycle that you need to somehow get yourself out of.

I’m here to help with the five tips that have helped me crush writer’s block. I still get it, but I use these tips to make sure I can still create content.

Repurpose your content

Can I be honest right now? A lot of the content I’m sharing at the moment is old content. It’s stuff that was published on another blog and all the content was removed (by myself to migrate to another site). So, I’m repurposing a lot of content right now to get through the shit that is 2020.

But even without this crap, I still repurpose content now and then. I don’t just copy and paste on another blog though.

If something is an old post that was drafted, I will update it to create something new from something old.

If something is still published, I’ll turn it into a video or an infographic instead. This isn’t as common anymore as I just prefer writing. That’s the way I jam. But, the option is there if you need it.

I’ll also look back at old posts that are currently published to see if they need more added to them. I’ve found posts I forced out when struggling with writer’s block may not be as good as they could be. So I update them to make them better.

There’s nothing wrong with repuposing content whether you suffer from writer’s block or not. But you do need to do it right.

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Create an idea bank for later

In the past, you may have heard me read that I have a lot of draft posts. I’ve also recently shared how to keep track of your writing ideas. This becomes an idea bank.

When you have a blog post title idea or a topic idea, make sure you write it down. You’re not going to remember. Just an example: I got an idea for my husband’s blog with a topic for him but four hours later I’d completely forgotten what it was! I still don’t know what it was and I had to create a new idea.

If I’d have written that idea down, I wouldn’t have spent five minutes trying to remember the idea and then another 10 minutes coming up with a new idea. I could have jumped straight into the writing.

That’s what you can do when you have writer’s block. You don’t stare at the computer screen waiting for an idea to reach you. There’s the ability to jump straight in and cover a topic.

You’ll get ideas when you least expect them. Find a way to jot them down as soon as you get them, whether you record on your phone, use an app, or have a notebook.

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Crush writer’s block by getting away

Sometimes writer’s block will hit when you’re working for a client. I had it recently where it was a topic I knew but my mind was just blank. It was better for me to take a step away from the work and move onto something else, so I could let the creative juices flow again.

There are times that I’ll move onto another client’s work. Other times I’ll get out of the house or I’ll look at forums. It’s all about getting my head out of the client’s work. The harder I think, the worse it gets for me.

Find what works best for you when you get into this situation.

Find writing prompts to help guide you

How about using writing prompts to help create more content? You’ll get a basic topic idea and it’s up to you to run with them.

Recently, I shared the places that I get my writing prompts from. But you can also use the events around you and take inspiration from the sights, sounds, and feelings. Don’t forget about looking at images or reading other people’s blogs for inspiration to strike.

You can also look through books on the same topic that you write about. I’ve used them in the past to help inspire me to write my own content.

Note: I say inspire and not copy!

Crush writer's block tips

Do a desk workout to crush writer’s block

Exercise is important for content creation. You may not think it, but your body’s health is directly impacting your mental health. That then impacts your ability to create.

So, you need to get healthier physically. That means a workout.

I know it doesn’t feel like you can get a lot of exercise right now. You’re at the desk typing, right?

I love desk workouts. There are a vew that you can try that are definitely worth it. In most cases, you’ll be able to do them without extra equipment.

Now, I also have a standing desk. Every hour, I will stand up for at least 30 minutes of work and then sit back down again.

I also make sure I get out of the house at lunch time. It’s time for the dogs to go on their longer walk of the day, benefiting all of us.

Exercise boosts the blood flow, getting it up to the brain better. You’ll crush writer’s block and feel better within yourself.

Don’t let writer’s block ruin your writing career. This is one of the reasons so many bloggers and writers give up, but there is a way around it. It’s time to focus on ways to crush writer’s block and take control of blank sheet syndrome.

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