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Should you get a digital planner for 2021?

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It’s the time of year to start looking for a new planner. You want to track your writing, whether you write for private clients or not. Should you get a physical or a digital planner in 2021?

I’ll admit that I’m a physical planner type of person. However, for 2021, I’m considering going completely digital. I’m not sure how I’ll get along with it, but I’m certainly going to try.

Why I like physical planners

Before I get into why I’m trying a digital planner in 2021, I want to clarify what it is about physical planners that I love.

It’s the process of physically writing something down. That helps me feel more attached to it. I’m more likely to remember it.

Typing it in doesn’t offer that same benefit for some reason. However, there are so many digital planners out there, that it is possible to write something thanks to stylises.

So, I’m giving a digital planner a chance this year. I’ve not found the exact one yet, but here’s why choosing a digital planner in 2021 could be the best move. I am heavily leaning on this one:

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You protect the environment

It’s time to really care about the environment. I have done for a long time, but not everyone does. So, I’m trying to up my game. Maybe my children are encouraging me more to up my game as they keep telling me about the things they learn at school—stuff I never did.

Digital planners are better for the environment. They don’t cut the trees down to create.

While we need electricity to access them, I’m going to be using that electricity anyway. I write for a living. I’m constantly on the computer. I’m not doing anything extra, which buying a physical planner would.

A digital planner can sync to different devices

One thing I’ve struggled with this year is writing in different parts of the house. Usually, I write at the desk. That’s where I am when writing for private clients and it’s where I do a lot of my blogging.

But on an evening, when I’m covering TV shows that I love, I write on the couch. I write where the TV is.

I am thinking about changing this. My IPTV provider has an app, so I could watch things on the iPad at my desk and write there. But for now, I’m writing on the couch on a night.

I have to bring my planner downstairs to see what still needs to be done for the night. I need to set things up in the living room to have everything around me.

It just doesn’t work that well. So, I want something that will sync with all my devices. Whether I’m on the main computer, my Surface, or even out and about on my phone, I want to know what I have planned and when. A digital planner is the best way to do that.

Digital Planners in 2021

They can often cost less to buy

We’re all thinking about money right now, aren’t we? We want to spend as little as possible, which is where a digital planner in 2021 could be a big win.

Because you’re not paying for the printing and then the shipping of the product, you’re likey to find the costs are less than if you bought a physical planner.

That’s certianly something I’m finding in my research.

And not all these planners are just for the one year. With the right planner, you have something set up for life. There’s no need to buy another planner again.

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What type of planner are you getting for 2021? Will you get digital planners or stick with physical ones? Share your thoughts in the comments below.