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Why I still don’t regret quitting Blasting News

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A few years ago, I completely quit writing at Blasting News. I don’t regret that decision, and here’s why I don’t recommend it.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t leave Blasting News on bad terms. I just simply quit writing. And I know a lot of others who have just completely quit, moving onto other websites.

It’s the nature of freelance writing. Whether you have clients or you use revenue share sites, you can’t expect to be at one place forever. Websites don’t last forever, sometimes they change so much that they’re no longer the site they once were, and sometimes they’re just bad for business.

Blasting News is one of those that changed considerably over the time that I was there. The payscale changed, the SEO rules constantly changed (with some bad habits), and quality control all but disappeared.

Why I quit Blasting News in the first place

In fact, it was the latter that really made me move. I didn’t want my content to be connect with poor quality content. I initially changed my name on the site to get around it, but I found I couldn’t keep supporting a business that didn’t care about good content being put out in the world.

The overall quality of a site has a knock-on effect for writers. If someone is going to find my content and then look at the site, the overall site needs to look good. Otherwise, there are questions about why I’d even consider writing somewhere that offers poor quality.

There’s also a knock-on effect in Google. If poor content is constantly pushed out, Google will ding a site as a whole. It doesn’t matter how good your content is.

It’s not the first site I’ve left because of the overall quality content. It won’t be the last.

I also started to notice that people in Facebook groups would state that the site offered clickbait and couldn’t be trusted. I didn’t want my writing to be connected to that.

Another reason I quit was the rate of pay. While it looks good, the views coming from Google and social media were terrible. I couldn’t understand why content I wrote at another site would do well and content at Blasting News would go nowhere. Either the site wasn’t counting the views right or it just didn’t rank well.

Pay was also late on more than one occasion. There was always some sort of excuse. At first, I was willing to accept the excuses, but after every single time? No, that’s either bad management or bad cash flow. I didn’t want to be a part of that.

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Why I don’t regret quitting

I wouldn’t really say that I quit Blasting News. I just simply gave up on it. The management lost my trust, and so I just didn’t want any part of it.

I even had Blasting News’s creator Andrea Manfredi reach out to me on LinkedIn to find out my thoughts on the site. I have to admit I was rather honest, but it never changed anything about it. The quality never improved, which meant the Google ranking was never going to improve.

My email is set up with a lot of Google Alerts. They’re for various TV shows to make sure I stay up to date with the latest information. I never see Blasting News included in those pings, and I know the site covers the content. So, that tells me Google doesn’t rate it very well.

One of my biggest problems with Blasting News was that an article was only good for 30 days. After that, I wouldn’t get paid for it. That meant sticking to pure news, which does disappear after a while. Yet, I’ve always found features, listicles, and other similar types of articles work better in terms of pay. In fact, I love revenue share sites for their longevity.

So, Blasting News put me off with that rule. They could continue making money from my content, but I couldn’t. My content is better off where I routinely earn from it if I’m going to do revenue share.

And I have earned better from other places. I don’t lose out on Hidden Remote, so I make a lot of money through residual income on content from years ago.

Quit writing at Blasting News

In the end, Blasting News was a lot of work for little gain. It got me a byline, but not one that I could use all that confidently because of the site. I moved on, and actually forgot all about the site until recently when someone mentioned it to me.

If you want somewhere to get some practice in writing or a few quick links, it could work out for you. Otherwise, I’d look elsewhere.

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Do you write at Blasting News? Have you quit the site? Share your thoughts in the comments below.