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Why I still don’t regret quitting Guardian Liberty Voice

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Quitting Guardian Liberty Voice is something some people told me I’d regret. At the time, it was the biggest source of my income.

I quit writing at Guardian Liberty Voice more than five years ago. In fact, it was February 2015 when I stepped back from the amount I would write each month and then May 2015 when I quit completely.

No, I don’t regret it. In fact, quitting Guardian Liberty Voice has been the best thing for me.

I won’t say writing at the site was a complete waste of my time. It helped me find a writing niche was enjoyed and was good at, and it taught me some valuable lessons in making news stories stand out. However, there was far more bad than good to ever justify me going through it again.

I’m still owed money from Guardian Liberty Voice

Let me start with the main reason I stopped writing there. I stopped getting paid.

I did everything right. I met quotas, I had no issues with quality content, my views were great. However, there were months where I went without pay with promises that the “technical problems” would be solved. I did end up getting paid some of what I was owed, but not all of it.

I’m still owed money. I no longer remember how much. It became a tax write-off and I moved on. So many other people were owed money that it just seemed pointless putting in effort to get the money back.

That was probably what the site was counting on, but I chose to focus on more private clients and put my effort into making money instead of drawn-out legal issues.

You see, while the site was a large source of my income, it wasn’t paying. I wasn’t working for free!

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Quitting Guardian Liberty Voice freed up my time

When I did get paid, it was good. At least, at first.

I had some viral articles and my income was a good amount for the work that I was doing. And then a Google algorithm change happened.

This was the moment everything went tumbling down, and I do wonder if there was more behind the scenes. This was the point I stopped getting paid, and it’s a big reason I don’t regret quitting Guardian Liberty Voice.

The site never really updated from that big Google algorithm hit. There were attempts to game the system, but any good site owner knows that isn’t the thing to do. You don’t want to game Google but work with Google.

Plus, the quality of the content was starting to fail, likely as good writers left. Good editors were leaving too.

I ended up doing far more work than I wanted, getting paid very little to nothing at all.

It was time to move on. It’s as simple as that.

If anyone thinks that they’re going to stay with one client for their entire freelancing career, they’re not looking too far ahead. It’s very uncommon for me to have the same client a year later, especially in the earlier days of my career. I actually have had two clients stick with me for the last three years now, and I enjoy working with them, but that’s the exception to the norm.

While I write more now than I did in 2015, the amount of time I spend writing is worth it for the income I receive. Plus, I also have more time to work on my own blogs, something I didn’t have time for in the past due to not being actually paid!

Don't Regret Quitting Guardian Liberty Voice

I simply don’t trust the site

The simple fact of the matter is that I don’t trust Guardian Liberty Voice. When I hear from someone that they’re considering the site, I steer them away with the facts that I know.

I don’t like to tear a site down, but there is a lot of information on the web about things that have happened behind the scenes. There were leaked emails that The Lyrical Elitist still has to share giving you a look at what was going on when I wrote there.

Has anything changed? I’m not sure. I don’t bother keeping an eye on the site or what other people say. I just share my experience if anyone asks.

Quitting Guardian Liberty Voice was the best thing I did, and I don’t regret it for a second.

In fact, I’d go as far as regarding Guardian Liberty Voice as a scam.

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Where do you write online at the moment? Do you regret quitting a site? Share your thoughts in the comments below.