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5 tips to use the extra hour for your writing

Halloween 2020 is going to be very different, but it does offer an extra hour in bed. But what if you could use that extra hour for your writing instead?

Isn’t Halloween a month away? Sure, but now is the time to plan for using that extra hour.

The extra hour in bed is just one way you can use the time when the clocks fall back. But that isn’t always the most productive way when it comes to your writing business. More often than not we wish that we had more time, and once a year we get it. We get 25 hours in the day. So how should you use it more productively?

I’ve used it in a variety of ways. Sometimes it has been used to catch up on sleep. This is more often the case when I’ve had a terrible week or no sleep or when I’ve been ill. There are times that an extra hour in bed is just what I’ve needed for a more productive Monday!

But there are other options. Here are five ways you can use that extra hour on your writing business.

Use the hour to plan

While the family get an extra hour in bed, why not get up and do some planning for your business. The end of the year will be here before you know it. Use the extra time to think about your goals. What do you want to achieve next year? Where would you like your business to be this time next year?

If you’re not ready to plan out next year, you could always plan out the next week or for the rest of the month. Get some idea of where you’re going and what you want to achieve, so you know success when you see it.

Make SMART goals. They’ll serve you well in the future.

Get some extra pitching or research in

Need to start pitching some new clients? There are people who will tell you the end of the year is pointless, but that’s not the case. While some people will want to reduce costs right now, they will be thinking about plans for next year. And those plans may involve hiring a writer or blogger.

Getting in touch with them now will make sure your name is known. They’ll have blogging on the brain and will want to see how you could help them. So while you may get a “not right now,” it can genuinely be a “not right now” that’s well worth getting!

So, spend the hour researching potential clients and doing some pitching. When else are you going to do it?

Got enough clients right now? You can still research potentials. You never know when someone might drop you or you need to drop them.

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Get a blog post written

Do you struggle to find time to add content to your own blog? Well, you have an hour to do it right now. Get your computer booted, a cup of coffee in hand, and start typing. Before you know it, you’ll have a blog post ready to publish.

Even if you schedule it for the next week, you’ve used up the time productively. The next hour you had planned for creating a blog post can be spent on writing the one for the week after. You’ll constantly be one step ahead with that plan!

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Promote your blog and your content

Got enough clients right now? Well, you can always promote your website, your blog, or other bits of content. This helps to keep your name fresh in people’s mind.

If you haven’t started promoting anything and don’t have a social media account, use the hour to create one. Pick just one where your audience is going to be (this will require some research) and start scheduling your content to go out. You’ll easily find the time flies.

Not got any content? Share your website! Share social proof you’ve created. Do something that will showcase your talents as a writer to increase your chances of success.

5 tips to use the extra hour for writing

Learn a new skill

Instead of promoting and writing, why not learn a new skill that you need for being a writer. This will be something that you’ve said “the next time I have a spare hour” and constantly put off.

One year I chose to use the hour to learn more about bullet journaling. It wasn’t something I ended up doing, but I don’t view the hour as a wasted one. I learned something new, figured it wasn’t for me, and moved on. I’d constantly think about doing it had I not focused on it just for that hour.

What’s one thing that you’ve needed time for? Pick that and use the extra hour to jump right in.

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How will you use the extra hour on your writing business? Share your plans for the weekend below.

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