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This one thing is holding you back from being a successful freelance writer

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We’d all love to be a successful freelance writer. There is one thing holding you back from reaching your dreams.

Fear is that one thing holding you back.

But fear of what? Just what exactly is holding you back from being a successful writer? What’s stopping you from being like those you admire?

We need to search deep down

Before we can take action, we need to know what is holding us back. If we don’t know, we’re not going to take action to stop it from holding us back. We can’t do anything to become a successful writer ($).

One of the most common fears is failing. Many new writers worry that they will never achieve their goals and are afraid of trying.

I didn’t have that problem, but I did have a problem getting myself out there. My fear has always been one of being judged. I could promote to strangers but I always feared what my friends and family members would say. Even my own husband wasn’t allowed to read my content for a long time!

This is something I share in the YouTube video right here.

Take your fear by the hands to become a successful freelance writer

Once you know your fear, you can take steps to get over it. I’ll cover this more later this week, but I want you to know that there are options out there for you once you accept and acknowledge your fear.

The hardest step really is accepting that you have this fear. We don’t like accepting that we have a flaw or are holding ourselves back. And we’re always our worst critics.

So, take some steps today to discover your own fear. What’s stopping you from being a successful writer? Be honest with yourself and you will find it easier to achieve your writing dreams.

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If you need help finding your fears and acknowledging that this fear exists, you need a writing mentor. I’m right here to help you become a successful freelance writer.