You are currently viewing Blogging Blissfully February 2021 theme: All about revenue share opportunities

Blogging Blissfully February 2021 theme: All about revenue share opportunities

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We’re sticking with monthly themes at Blogging Blissfully. February 2021 is going to be about revenue share opportunities in writing.

The revenue share topic is a large one. It could cover all sorts of things like how to write at revenue share sites or even how to apply for them.

I’m keeping the topic narrow for the month. It’s focusing on the opportunities that are out there, and the opportunities that I’m taking advantage of right now. The aim is to help you find websites that will help net you a somewhat passive income.

You’ll still need to put in an effort, especially at the beginning, but it is possible to have money come in regularly.

There will be two posts per week covering the topic, coming Mondays and Thursdays.

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A look at some of the topics in the revenue share opportunities theme

You’ll want to know if this month’s theme is good for you, right? I’ll keep this intro post short, but I will give you a look at some of the topics I’ll cover throughout the month.

I’ll touch on the revenue share sites that I write for at the moment, offering a review of each of the sites and why I think they’re worth writing at.

Some posts will be about revenue share opportunities that I’m considering or that I’ve tried in the past. You deserve to know more about the individual opportunities and whether they’re any good.

I’ll also look at how to tell revenue share opportunities are worth taking and how to take the first steps to ensure they work in your favor. After all, you deserve to make money from sites immediately.

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We’ll start on Thursday with the first topic that is all about one of the sites that I write at: Hidden Remote. I hope you find thing month’s theme useful.