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Where to find prompts for writing blog posts

When you first started your blog, you were full of ideas. Now you’ve written them, and you’re struggling with new ideas for writing blog posts.

This could be because you want to take part in a daily blogging challenge. Or you may just have dried up with ideas. Blogger’s block is a problem, especially if you’re tired. There’s nothing wrong; you just need prompts.

Writing prompts are highly useful for motivation. They give you a place to start to get the creative juices flowing and make you really want to jump into writing. But where do you find writing prompts for your daily or weekly blog posts?

I’m going to share some of the places I’ve found prompts to help me develop new ideas. I tend to use some places more than others.

Facebook writing groups

I’m a member of numerous writing groups on Facebook. They are useful for all sorts of reasons.

I never just join groups for the sake of promoting my content. They’re there to network and build relations with other writers and business owners. You never know where your next client can come from.

Facebook writing groups tend to have writing prompts available. They will either have individuals asking questions or have writing prompt threads set up by the owners.

Questions are powerful because you know there is an audience for the answers. And you can create multiple blog posts based on a handful of questions.

As for the writing prompts, they just help to get your creative juices flowing. The prompts may not even initially link to your niche, but you soon start thinking about multiple niches.

I’m members of groups for the various TV shows I write about. I see what people are discussing, theories they’re sharing, and questions they have. These discussions help to create new content.

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Other social media channels

Facebook isn’t the only place to go for prompts for writing blog posts. Other social media channels are perfect. I find Twitter as one of the best.

There will usually be someone asking a question about a specific niche. You can search for hashtags related to your niche and find out the most recently questions to develop your blog post ideas.

Another option is to search #writingprompt. Someone will usually come up with some ideas to get you started.

Pinterest is a powerful option. There are boards set up just for writing prompts. Some of them are for fiction writers, but there are others for non-fiction writers and bloggers too!

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Check out your comments

Look through comments on your recent or past blog posts. Usually, someone will have a question about the content you shared recently. You know that this means there’s an audience for your question.

By being helpful to your readers, they’re more likely to come back in the future. You show that you’re putting them first and are willing to create content that they’ve actually requested—rather than what you think they want.

I’ve done this multiple times. When I’ve answered a question, I’ve gone back to the question and dropped the link in a reply to help that person find it. Hopefully they’ve set up the notifications so they are alerted to the reply.

You can do this on social media, too. Facebook is one of the easiest to do something like this.

Places to Find Prompts for Writing Blog Posts

Think about the products you’ve used

What products have you recently used within your niche? Could they help your readers? Do you recommend them? They can be excellent for writing blog posts.

Chances are your opinions and thoughts will help someone. In fact, there are at least five blog posts you can write about one product:

  • [Product] review
  • How to use [product]
  • How to benefit from [product]
  • Where to get [product]
  • X tips about [product]

I’m sure there are many more. It really depends on what the item is. I’ll be doing this with a few products and services that I currently use and recommend over the next few months.

It’s really not that hard to find writing prompts for your daily or weekly blog posts. You just need to use the sites and social media platforms around you properly.

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Which areas of blogging are you struggling with? How do you get ideas for writing blog posts? Share in the comments below.

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