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Should you have a monthly theme for your blog?

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When you’re blogging, you may want to consider having a monthly theme for your blog. Even with a niche, having a monthly (or even a weekly) theme can be good for both you and your reader.

It’s something I’m going to start doing in January 2021. I used to do it a lot, and then I moved into writing what came to be. But if I’m honest, writing about what comes to be doesn’t really work that well. What if nothing comes to be?

I’ve always worked best with a blogging plan. You may do, too. The monthly theme for your blog could also be good for your audience.

You can create more consistent content

Let’s say you cover the weight loss niche. One day, you may write about losing weight on the WW plan. Another day, you may write about doing exercise to lose weight. Then on a third day, you jump to the South Beach Diet.

While all of this is within your niche, there is a slight problem with consistency. What are you going to write about next?

You audience needs some sort of consistency. They need to know that the content you create is relevant to them.

Maybe you should stick to one month where you cover only one particular weight loss plan. Or you could cover a month where you just compare the different types of weight loss plans. Then another month, you can focus on exercise for weight loss.

For each month, your audience has an idea of what you’re going to write about.

A monthly theme for your blog could help create content

There’s nothing worse than getting to a day and having no idea what you’re going to write about. You stare at this white screen, willing for the words to jump out at you.

Then just as you get an idea, you lose it. You’re back to square one.

When you have a monthly theme for your blog, you will make it easier to create content. You’ll be able to plan out a month’s worth of posts and even made detailed notes on each title. Then you can just sit down and write.

And by working with a monthly theme, you will find it easier to build on the content. Say you write about your experiences on WW one day. You can then go into the points system on another day, you can share about exercise on the diet the next day, and even go into some of the recipes you’ve tried the day after that.

You’re no longer trying to jump around multiple topics to come up with ideas. You build on top of the posts you’ve already shared.

Monthly Theme for Your Blog

Won’t it bore your audience?

People worry that writing about one monthly theme can bore the audience. Or maybe you alienate your audience.

This shouldn’t be the case. As long as your content is engaging and sticks to your niche, it should be relevant.

Okay, your readers may not be on the WW diet, but there are other tips they can take from the content. They may even want to try the WW diet after you write about it. Or when you cover exercise for a month, they may finally get the push to add exercise into their own plan.

Well-written content isn’t going to bore.

In the end, you can create more content that is more consistent for your audience. It’s a win-win situation.

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Are you using a monthly theme for your blog? Is this something you’re considering for next year? What are you struggling with when it comes to blogging? Let me know in the comments below.