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How to find videos on YouTube for your blog

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You need to use videos in your blog posts. Don’t want to make your own? Here’s how to find videos on YouTube for your blog posts.

I’ve already talked about how videos are important in blogging. You want to create your own videos as much as possible, but I get that not everyone can or even wants to. I’m not the biggest fan of being on camera, although that has had to change over recent years.

You don’t need to make your own videos, though. Instead, you can use videos on YouTube for you blog posts. It’s important to find videos that are on point and cover a lot of the same content.

You don’t want it to be the exact same content, though. It’s worth having something that either expands on something you know little about or where you can expand on something for your readers. Here are my tips for finding videos for your blog posts.

Search with your keyword phrase

What’s the keyword phrase in your blog post? You should already have a focus keyword for your content, and you can use this right in the search function on

It’s important to be specific with keywords. Don’t just write “blog posts” or “photography” or something else that is broad. Get specific and you’ll find something that works for your audience.

By searching for your keyword phrase, you are more likely to come up with videos that are relevant to your content. You don’t just want to add any video. It needs to offer more for your readers; expand their knowledge.

Check the quality of videos on YouTube for your blog

Watch any video you consider using in full. This is important when you find videos on YouTube for your blog posts, whatever the subject. You just never know if the speaker is going to be clear the whole way through or if something goes wrong with the audio.

The last thing you want is a video that is blurry or has poor audio. Your readers aren’t going to be happy, and you run the risk of losing them.

You’ll also want to check that the videos are available on a regular basis. There’s nothing worse than clicking on a video to find out it’s been taken down!

Another important reason to check the quality is to hear the message being shared. Does it go against something you believe in or have found works? The videos could be old and offer outdated advice, so take the time to listen to everything shared.

Make sure you can share the video

Not all YouTube users want their videos to be placed on other websites. They don’t mind social shares but don’t want them embedded. There are various reasons for this.

Always make sure you can use it before you even attempt it. Click on the sharing section and then embed. It will say if this feature has been disabled.

I’d suggest doing this before checking the video quality. You don’t want to get disappointed that a great video can’t be shared.

This is a little easier to do with WordPress. You can take the URL directly and paste it into your blog post. If that video is shareable, then the full video is going to appear automatically in your post. I’m not sure if Blogger and other platforms have this ability yet.

Hopefully, now you have the tools to find videos on YouTube for your blog posts. Remember if there’s nothing online yet, you can create your own video. This is the better way of doing things anyway.

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Are you looking for videos on YouTube for your blog posts? What are you doing to add more videos to your content? Share in the comments below.

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