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How not to pick your blogging niche

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You’ve heard all about the tips to pick your blogging niche. What people tend to avoid are the things not to do when picking your niche.

If you follow the tips to pick your niche, you can still end up with something that isn’t profitable. Or you find something that you don’t really have the passion for despite thinking you do initially. You don’t want to end up a year down the line with a blog that is dormant and boring.

So, you need to know what not to do when it comes to picking your blogging niche.

Going by profit alone

You want to make money with your writing, so one of the things you’ll look at is the profitability of a niche. It’s important to you to find the content that makes other bloggers money.

While it’s good to find a profitable niche, you don’t just want to work with only profit.

When I first started writing, I got told that the finance topics were the place to be. They were the ones that were making people money.

And no doubt, they were. Could I make them make me money? No! And that’s because I had absolutely no interest in the topics. I didn’t know enough about them to be able to write consistently about them

Working with just profit means you’ll probably run out of ideas. If you don’t run out of ideas, those who are more knowledgeable in the subject than you will end up outing you. They’ll fill in the gaps of knowledge that you don’t have so your readers turn to them instead.

The truth is any blogging niche can be profitable. There are people interested in all sorts of things. You just need to have a passion for and knowledge in that niche to make it work for you.

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Picking a blogging niche based on latest trends

Another big mistake is working with niches that are hot right now. People will look at the trends, at the topics that are working right now.

One thing I noticed at one point was that everyone was creating news sites. They all wanted to share the latest news and events happening around the world.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. There are some great news sites out there, but it’s not a way to start making money online.

You can’t just work with news sites. You need something that makes you stand out.

Something right now is starting up websites that cover TV shows and movies. There are already so many established ones out there, so you need to find a way that makes you stand out. If you’re only working with what’s the latest trend and not working on a blogging niche that you’re interested in, you won’t be able to find a way to stand out.

Focus on what your strengths and passions are. Instead of working on what everyone else is working on, find a niche that needs your voice. Find something that you love that has been overlooked.

If you do want to follow the latest trends, make sure you are knowledgeable or passionate.

After all, I did start a TV show website. I just found my way of making it stand out in a way others didn’t. A friend started one too, but she found a completely different angle to me. There are options out there, I swear.

How not to pick your blogging niche

Going with topics you think will work

You have a blogging niche idea. Great!

Now you need to make sure it’s going to work for you. You need to make sure it is a profitable niche.

The worst thing you can do is pick a niche that you think will be profitable without doing any research at all.

I love history. It’s a niche that people told me wouldn’t work, but I did my research into it. I spent time working on an angle that would work, looking at other successful history sites out there. It’s how I found a niche for a revenue share site that worked out well for me.

I certainly don’t regret doing that research. It stopped me on a path that wouldn’t have worked out profitable and found me a unique angle to work with.

The same has happened with the TV show niche. I have a site that is growing each month because I’ve found a way to make it stand out. If I hadn’t done some research first and just worked with a passion, it wouldn’t have worked out as well.

Your topic may be great, but you need to know what your potential audience is going to search for. You need to know the problems your potential audience have to ensure you’re writing content that is geared for them.

This takes time, but it is most definitely worth t.

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What are you struggling with when it comes to blogging? Which blogging niche are you going to cover? Let me know in the comments below.