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How often should you blog?

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How often should you blog? It’s a question that I get asked a lot. It’s a question that is asked a lot in Facebook groups and on other social media platforms.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to blogging. There also isn’t just one simple answer.

For this blog, I post daily. On another blog, I post more than once a day. Then on another, I’ll post twice or three times per week.

I only post as much as I need to for the audience. That doesn’t mean I’m not working on the blogs daily. I’m just not publishing a new post every single day.

How often should you blog? Take a look at these factors to help you determine the answer for you.

It’s all about quality not quantity

I like to work smarter not harder. If that means blogging daily isn’t going to work for me, then I’m not going to do it.

There is a benefit in blogging daily, but you can’t sacrifice quality. If the only way you can do a quality blog post is by publishing something every other day, then that is what works for you. If you can only keep the quality by publishing one big piece per week, then you need to make that work.

There are going to be time constraints in your life. Something will get in the way.

The important thing is to make sure you have something valuable to say to your audience.

If you’re going to publish a new blog post weekly, then I suggest you spend time updating content during the week. More on that in a few points.

Daily blogging is good for building an audience

I do like daily blogging. I’ll admit that about five or 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have agreed with daily blogging. It was just too much to do.

But it really does depend on the niche. When I’m blogging about Entertainment, I need to write on a daily basis. There’s always new episodes of TV shows out daily or news breaks on a daily basis. I need to stay on top of that.

However, not all niches necessarily need daily blogging. What I would suggest is to blog daily to start building your audience or when you need to rebuild your audience. It’s a good way to get a lot of content out in a short space of time to start ranking your blog on Google.

You will see a difference, trust me. I’ve started blogging daily again here and already my views have doubled. That’s only after one week for daily blogging.

Something that I would suggest is having a bank of content. You can write it at your own pace and then have it ready to publish for one month. You could do something like the 30-Day Blogging Challenge or the Ultimate Blogging Challenge for a month to build your blog up with all that prewritten content and then go back to a slower schedule if you need to.

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Update or repurpose old content regularly

So, what should you do if you can’t blog daily? It’s time to look at repurposing your content. Or you can update your old content.

Post one or two new posts per week. These should be big pieces. Long-form content of around 1,500+ words is ideal.

In between these pieces of content, run some repurposed or updated content. Spend time on improving your images, add a new point to a tips post that is getting a little traffic, or improve the on-page SEO on some older content.

By working on the old content, you’re offering something new for the Google spiders to crawl. This can help your overall blog even if you’re not publishing new content daily.

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What does your audience expect?

How often should you blog? I will ask you to think about your audience.

What is your audience expecting from you? Have you set out a schedule already of what you’ll post and when? If you chance from that schedule, you could throw your audience off and lose them.

For some niches, blogging daily is too much for the audience. They don’t want an email alert daily that you’ve published a new piece of content. They’re three days behind already.

On the other hand, some niches need daily content. Like I said with Entertainment, readers expect new content on a daily basis. You need to offer the audience what they want and expect.

How Often Should You Blog?

How often should you blog?

So, it all comes down to you, your blog, and your niche. I can’t tell you how often to blog. I can just give you recommendations based on what works.

Blogging daily works, but it’s not for everyone.

I recommend doing it for a month maybe three or four times a year. Other than that, two or three posts per week can work, but you need to still offer some sort of new content on the other days, even if it’s just for Google.

Have fun blogging!

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