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Is blogging dead? Why blogging is definitely not dead yet

There are a lot of people who ask me if it’s worth starting a blog. Is blogging dead? Are people migrating to video and podcasts? Here are my thoughts on the matter.

Blogging isn’t dead. I’m going out on a limb to make that statement.

I get why people ask me “is blogging dead?” After all, it seems like there are a lot more podcasts out there. People are turning to YouTube to share their content. Hell, I’ve even turned to YouTube for things like posting interviews by doing them on Zoom instead of over the phone.

That doesn’t mean I think blogging is dead and that it’s going to completely go away. I still read blog posts all the time.

Not everyone can listen to podcasts or videos

One thing I point out when people ask me “is blogging dead” is that people can’t always listen to things. There are people who are deaf, and podcasts are completely out of the question. Videos are only good if people put the closed captions on. If they don’t, videos aren’t accessible.

Those who can’t hear will turn to the written word for their information. They’ll turn to blog posts to get all the content they need.

Then there are those who aren’t in a space to put on a podcast or video. There are times that I’m getting information while there is other noise around me. It could be the kids in the same room or there’s something on TV in the background. When I was married, I’d read blog posts in bed while my ex slept beside me. I couldn’t put the sound on. Sometimes I’m in a public place without earbuds and I’m not going to play the sound then.

I liked videos with closed captions for this reason. But more often than not, I turned to blog posts, and I’m definitely not the only person who does that.

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Is blogging dead?

With the need to consume content in the written form, there simply isn’t going to be an end to blogging. It’s always going to be needed. Sure, there are people who will prefer podcasts or videos. I love podcasts when I’m walking the dogs or when I’m cooking dinner. This doesn’t take away the need for written content.

That being said, it’s worth diversifying your content. Add a podcast to your list of additions for types of content. Start doing more videos instead of just blog posts.

You can repurpose your content in all these different forms. You’ll capture all the ways that people like to consume their content and boost your income revenue.

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Which type of content do you prefer to consume? Are you going to add another layer to your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.