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Can you make a living with revenue share writing sites?

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If you’re looking at making a living writing, you may turn to revenue share writing sites. Are they any good for making a living?

Revenue share writing sites are just one of the way to make money online. They remain one of the more popular ways for websites to offer pay to writers, and you’ll see there are a lot out there. Some have closed down over the years, but the model remains popular and successful for the website owners.

What about the writers, though? Is this model something good for writers?

I’ll tell you now that you’l either hear yes or no in the majority of cases. There are those who prefer it, and there are others who hate it. I’m in the middle. I wouldn’t recommend every site out there, but it is a model that can work—and does work well for me.

Why revenue share writing sites work for writers

One of the big benefits of these sites is that you can start making money online without putting money in. You can start making that money immediately. It’s only a little to start with, but there’s so little risk to signing up to these types of sites.

Then there’s the fact that you have the sites’ help to boost your income possibilities. Some are going to be better for you than others when it comes to this. You want to find sites that have strong social media channels that promote the content you write. Not all are going to do this, and with thousands of writers, it can be difficult to get yours out there. If you do get your content out there, it can help boost your brand, helping you to make more money.

Writers can create a good work ethic. You’ll be able to see the type of content that does well, and you’ll see how you can make more money. If you’re willing to work smarter and not harder, you can make a living with revenue share writing sites.

You will need to put in effort, though. I can’t tell you the amount of writers who give up on the revenue share model because they don’t immediately see money coming in. This does take time. You need to find your niche and figure out the best content to write. It took me a couple of years to really understand the model and figure this out because I didn’t look into what others were suggesting to start with. If I’d have done that, I could have made money much faster.

You won’t get rich with the model

I will warn you now, though, that you won’t get rich with the revenue share writing sites. This isn’t a model that is going to make you millions overnight. You may not make millions at all.

You don’t have full control over the sites. You can’t say what’s being put up on social media, and you can’t say if your content is going to be featured on the front page or not. You get no say in the payment model or the way that you can make money through residual income. If you want the control, you need to put the time and effort into building your own blog.

It took me a long time to make enough for rent and bills from the revenue share model. I had to put in a lot of effort to find the niche that would work for me and the type of content within that niche that would work. Then there’s the constant changes that I need to stay on top of. Something that worked two years ago doesn’t work anymore. The needs of readers change, Google changes its algorithm, and the way content ranks on social media changes. All this affects your income.

You’ll also need to look at the revenue share writing sites. Not all of them are going to make it possible for writers to make money. There are some questionable models, such as those that will only pay out for the first 30 days. I recommend looking into reviews from writers and to take the time to learn how the sites work.

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What do you think of the residual income model? Are you interested in revenue share writing sites? Share your thoughts in the comments below.