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Can you make money ghostwriting?

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Are you looking for a way to make money writing online? You may have heard of ghostwriting. Is it possible to make money ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is writing without a byline. You create content for other people without your name being attached. This is often under a “work for hire” agreement, with contracts often involving you giving up rights to the content for the business or individual to use however they want.

They get to put their own name to the content. They can have someone within their company have their name on the content. It’s not yours to use as a sample of your work.

Why would anyone ghostwrite?

There are a lot of reasons to ghostwrite. This is why you can make money ghostwriting. A lot of companies prefer it.

Businesses want to make it look like they’re writing their own content. Sure, this can come across as lying, but who is to know except the business and you as the writer.

It’s not an unethical way for businesses to get content. There’s no need to feel ashamed of ghostwriting blog or article content. You could end up writing recipe round-ups, listicles, and much more.

What’s the point of you being a ghostwriter, though? Why write something that doesn’t have your name attached? Well, it can be a great way to get clients. Since so many people want ghostwriters, there are plenty of clients out there.

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How do you make money ghostwriting?

If you don’t have a byline, how can you possibly make money ghostwriting? Of course, you get paid your rate (and you’ll want it to be higher than if you get a byline), but what about the potential for the future?

Clients want to see samples. When you have your byline, you can share direct links to your samples. It’s a great way to show what you can do without potentially giving away content to clients or without having to write test articles. That’s not the case when you ghostwrite.

You’ll need to produce samples. This takes up time, and while you should be paid for those samples, you’ll still have to spend the extra time writing them.

A way to help is to get testimonials from your clients. Good clients will be happy to share testimonials. After all, they don’t have to give all the details of the content they bought away, but just say how good of a writer you are. Many future clients will want to see reviews and testimonials, especially if you have some long-term clients.

You can also ask for referrals. Business owners will know others who want content. Some will want ghostwriters and others will be happy to offer a byline. Ask your current clients to recommend you to people looking for a writer to get more work.

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It is possible to make money ghostwriting. It’s how a lot of writers make money, especially in the beginning. Now is the time to start.

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