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Can you make money writing book reviews?

Disclaimer: This blog makes money through affiliate links. It costs you nothing but means we get a small amount to help keep the blog going. All affiliate links are denoted clearly with the asterisk.

There are many ways to make money online through writing. Is reviewing books for you? Can you even make money writing book reviews?

Just to note, I originally intended to write and publish this last month. March was just terrible for me personally (emotionally and mentally). I’m getting through it but things may be a little more scattered than they should as I deal with a lot of personal things.

You will always be a priority, but right now, my mental and emotional health needs to be my #1 priority or I can’t be there for my family.

Let’s get to the actual blog post!

Now you know that, it’s time to get to the actual blog post. Today, we’re looking at how to make money writing book reviews.

Yes, it is possible to do. No, it is not easy to do. Yes, it is definitely fun to do!

People want to know what a book is like before they buy. That is especially the case with an author they don’t know. If you can get pre-release book reviews out, you can really help with the initial sales. Even if you don’t get the review out right away, you can still make money writing.

How is that possible? I’ll share how I make money writing book reviews.

You’ll want a blog to make money writing book reviews

I do a lot of my book reviews over at Amazon Adviser. I have written them in other places, but for now, Amazon Adviser has become the best option.

You want a home for your book reviews. If you can set up your own blog, that’s great. If you don’t want to, consider a revenue share site that allows you to make money through affiliate marketing as well as advertising revenue.

For this to work well, it really is about the affiliate marketing. You’ll find the books you review on Amazon, or you may have an affiliate link through the book publisher or author. Either way, you have a link where you want people to click and buy the book from.

You get the commission for the sales.

At the same time, you’re making money through the advertising revenue on the site. This could be Google Adsense, Ezoic, or even AdThrive.

Make money writing book reviews

Doesn’t book reviewing have a cost?

Aren’t you going to spend the money you make on new books? This could be the case if you keep going out to buy the latest hardback book to review. It doesn’t have to, though.

I’m a member of both NetGalley and Voracious Readers Only. Both of these have offers to send free books. NetGalley is all about the ACRs, the advance copies for reviews, while Voracious Readers Only offers a mixture of both pre-releases and recent releases.

You read the books for free in return for an honest review. You’re not spending a penny, you can add your affiliate links to your review, and you make money writing book reviews.

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What are you doing to make money writing online? What would you like help to achieve? Share in the comments below.