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3 things I do to make more money writing at revenue share sites

Making money online is a dream of many and it’s become possible for a lot. Revenue share site income makes up a good 60% of my income alone. Between my husband and me, it makes up about 75% of our income. It’s taken a lot of hard work to make more money writing at revenue share sites than the average person.

Admittedly, I would like to get to the point where my blog is the 60% instead, but it still shows that it’s possible. I’ve done it all through hard work, perseverance, and following tips to boost page views and find the best sites. My time is utilized to allow me to work on my blogs, to spend time with my family, and to work with my private clients.

I know a lot of people are struggling to build their revenue share site income. There are many who ask how I could possibly earn more than a cup of coffee a week or even a month. It’s all through these three things that I do. This isn’t an overnight success. It’s taken me a good two years of consistent work and then five years of on-off work to get to this point.

1. Be consistent with your content

The more you write, the more you can make. That’s something you’ll hear a lot from revenue share sites and it can certainly be true. But it’s not just about high quantity.

To make more money writing at revenue share sites, you need to make sure you have consistently high-quality content. If you use a lot of clickbait titles and incorrect facts, you’ll lose readers. It’s plain and simple. There’s a difference between asking questions in your title to encourage reading and clickbait. That’s for a different article! But you need to offer good, consistent content that your readers want.

Consistency in a niche or a subject will also help. You start to build a following within those areas. For example, one writer at Hidden Remote used to write a lot about Timeless. He built a loyal following, who knew he was a fan of the show, writing from the heart, and only following the facts. This led to others sharing his content rather than him having to do it a lot. There’s someone else who wrote about Shadowhunters and has gained the same type of following. When I wrote about Reign at Hidden Remote, I had something similar and am gaining that with a few other select shows.

It’s all about consistency in your brand. People need to know that you’ll look out for them. They need to know that you’re offering the content they want to read. And they need to know that you’re authentic and real. The more you post good quality content, the better you’ll grow your brand, your audience, and your views.

This doesn’t just work in the entertainment niche. It will work within any niche to make more money writing at revenue share sites.

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2. Know what people want to read

There’s no point writing about just anything. Once you have your following, you need to know what they want to read. This isn’t about writing a controversial piece just for the sake of views. People aren’t interested in being riled and ridiculed. You need to write good content that calls to them; that makes them want to share your word for the right reasons.

At the same time, you need to know what is going to catch their attention. I’ll use Hidden Remote as an example again. I don’t tend to cover the breaking news topics unless I’ve had a press release and am one of those breaking the news. I look for a different angle. One of my tricks is turning the content into something fresh and interesting.

When Life Sentence was canceled, I didn’t just write about the cancellation. I wrote about why it was a bad thing for TV. It included the news, but it gave something else people wanted to read–they wanted something from other grieving fans.

When you start writing the content people want to read, they’re likely to follow you and see the other content you have. They purposely follow you on social media to make sure they get the next bit of information directly from you.

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3. Don’t just rely on revenue share site marketing to make more money writing

The last thing you should do is no marketing at all. This is your brand you’re building. Relying on the site to do all your marketing is bad for a number of reasons.

The first is that you don’t get to build the brand you want. If the site closed down, would your readers follow you? Would they look for where you’re writing next? If you don’t do your own marketing, they won’t even know who you are. Your name will be forgotten in an instant, along with the site. When you do your own marketing, you build a brand. If the site closed, the people would still remember who you were as a writer and search for you elsewhere.

Also, relying on the site will seriously cut down on your revenue share site income. You’re relying on the fact that their content will speak volumes to readers, with reach out to the right people, and that they’ll market you at all! Not all sites will be interested in getting every piece of content out on their own social platforms. I even once had a request from a person I was writing about to get something posted on the revenue site’s social platform so they could retweet it (giving the rev share site juice), but when asked it was all refused. The rev share site wasn’t interested and that was with the promise (a promise I know the person would have followed through with) of a retweet to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Only you can build your reputation and you need to do it through your own channels. You need to make a good name for yourself. This is why you need to treat your revenue share site writing like a business.

Thirdly, relying on the site means you miss out on a major part of marketing. Facebook groups are a powerful way to get your content out there. I haven’t used them in a long time and need to start again, but the groups are one of the best ways to get your eyes in front of the right sets of eyes. You’ll also start building a following for the site and yourself, so people know when you’ve written something and share for you.

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4. Only you will build your revenue share site income

Okay, so I said three things I do. This isn’t really something I do, so it still counts. It’s just something to offer you a boost.

Nobody else is going to help you build your income. The sites are in it for themselves, other writers are in it for themselves, and other people just don’t care! Well, okay, it’s not all like that, but if you follow the above rules, you’ll find it’s much easier to build your reputation and brand. You’ll find it much easier to make the revenue share site income of your dreams. I dare you to even try one of the above tips right now to make the most of your income.

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Are you struggling to build your revenue share site income? What’s the block in your path right now? Share in the comments below and let me help you.

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