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Seasonal vs. evergreen blog posts: Which are better for making money writing?

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You’ve likely come across the terms “seasonal” and “evergreen” when blogging. Which one is best for making money writing? You may be surprised to hear that both work together very well.

If you haven’t heard of the terms, they’re pretty self-explanatory. Seasonal content works with the seasons or a holiday; there’s something specific in mind. Evergreen content lasts the whole year. It’s good for years into the future. Seasonal content can be evergreen for that season. For example, you could have a Valentine’s date night post that picks up every year around Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to making money writing, you want to concentrate on the content that is going to be best for you. In many cases, opting for a mixture of seasonal and evergreen is best. Here’s why you need to know to find the best option for your specific niche and your needs.

Is your blog seasonally focused?

You may already lean on the side of seasonal blog posts without intentionally trying. This is for those who offer a seasonal blog, such as one that focuses on political events or a certain time of year. You could even have a niche that focuses on gifts for all the seasons, so you’ll need seasonal content for every single event throughout the year.

One of the revenue share sites I used to write at was all about Christmas gifts. This blog was aimed toward Christmas gifts for all ages, so it required seasonal posts. There was no point in me writing about Valentine’s gifts when people who come to the site are specifically looking for Christmas gift ideas.

What is the nature of your blog? Is it seasonally focused or does it open you up to evergreen posting? This is going to affect the types of posts for making money writing*.

I also used to run a website for students. Of course, the start of the college year was a big one, so I would have seasonal posts for that time of year. I’d also have seasonal posts for other times of the year.

Do you want to make residual income?

Evergreen posts are open for long-term residual income. That’s because they can be read at any time of the year, and are relevant to audiences throughout the seasons. I have evergreen posts that can net me $2,000 per year on their own because they suit people at different times of the year.

Yes, you can make residual income with seasonal posts, but you may not make as much. You’re also limited to specific times of the year. My Christmas gift posts can make me money year after year, but they will likely be only in the run-up to Christmas each year. During the springtime, I need something else to make me a residual income.

This was something that I could do easily with my student blog. I would have some seasonal content that would garner views around the same time of year each year. Then there would be general evergreen content for the quieter times of the year.

What type of income do you want to make? Are you willing to write on specific topics at certain times of the year?

What type of posts do you prefer to write?

Those who succeed more with seasonal posts tend to do more sales content. This is because they make their money through affiliate marketing. While you can do it with more non-salesy-type posts, it can be much harder for making money writing.

If you’re not interested in writing sales topics, you may want to look at tips, advice, and how-to blog posts. These tend to be more evergreen in nature.

Could you join both types when making money writing?

Who says you have to be on one side of the seasonal vs. evergreen blog posts debate? There are many bloggers who make money with both; I’m one of them.

You get the best of both worlds, and you can open up your blog to offer both. For example, rather than a Christmas toys blog, you could opt for a gift idea blog. This could open you to generic posts for gift ideas for mom and dad and then focus on seasonal gift ideas throughout various stages of the year.

This also opens you up to post in multiple places. I have four blogs that I primarily focus on, along with a handful of revenue share sites. These are great for spreading my wings by writing seasonal and evergreen posts.

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Which side of the debate are you on? Do you find one type of post better for making money writing? Maybe you like to focus on both for different reasons. Think about your blog, your writing style, and what you want to achieve with your blog posts.

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