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How often should you write on revenue share sites to make money?

You want to make money writing online and have found revenue share sites could be your option. While these types of sites aren’t for everyone, they are good for many. I do make a living with these types of sites.

One thing you’ll hear from a lot of people is that you can write just a few a month and see the residual income set you up for life. That could be the case for some if you manage to get a great post, but it’s not easy; nor is it the usual. I’ve seen a lot of people write just one or two posts per month and they make the amount you’d expect when writing one or two per month: barely enough for a coffee.

So, how much do you need to write on revenue share sites to make money? Is one a month going to set you up? Do you need to write more frequently? Here are my tips so you can make money online with these types of writing sites.

Do more than the minimum

Many sites will tell you that you just need to write one a month to get paid. The idea is that the one a month keeps your account open. That sounds great, but it’s not actually going to help you make money on the revenue share sites. The benefit is you don’t lose out on any money you make from your residual content.

Now, if you had a post that regularly pulled in a few hundred dollars per month, it could be worth writing just the one. I have a Grey’s Anatomy post that routinely pulls in $50 per month without any promotion.

But $50 isn’t going to make me rich! It doesn’t pay for much more than just half a week’s worth of groceries. Okay, so I’d make about $100-$200 per month with the selection of other posts I have from the past, but one a month still wouldn’t be worth it!

You want to strive to do more than the minimum either. After all, writing isn’t just about making money but building an audience. When it comes to revenue share sites, you want to build an audience under your name. Should you move on, people come looking for you.

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One a week should be your minimum

Even if you have revenue share sites that tell you just one a month is enough, you want to do more than that. One a week should be your minimum. This is where you will start to make some money, especially if you find a strong topic.

However, you’re still not going to make a lot of money with this. You are relying more on luck than anything else; of someone finding one of your posts and it going viral. Or you’re relying on your own social media abilities to be perfect.

It’s not easy to build a following with just a post per week. You need to take it more seriously.

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Strive for one a day on revenue share sites

My personal opinion is that you write one a day to make good money on revenue share sites. They don’t all have to go viral, but you get the chance to build a following. And there is a good chance of one or two going viral.

I know people who write one or two a day. Once a week, they find something that clicks. Some of these posts do only have a short shelf life, but they can pull in $100 in that short shelf life to make them viable.

One a day will help you craft your writing skills at the same time. The more you write, the quicker you get. The easier the whole process comes, which then helps to streamline everything.

I know some people think that doing one a day doesn’t give you time for anything else, but I’ll argue that you still have plenty of time. I know I write full time, but I manage to write 25-30 posts per day without any hassle. I also only work 6-8 hours per day.

While most of it is on revenue share, that’s because I’m an editor on the sites and they do make up the bulk of my income. However, I also write daily for private clients and for other sites. Giving yourself a goal of one a day isn’t all that difficult. Once you set a routine, you’ll find it even easier.

How much to write on residual income sites

You still need good content

However much you write, something to make sure you do is create good content. There’s no point writing daily if you’re doing it half-heartedly. If I’m not in the mood to write, I tend to take a step back. It can be for revenue share sites, my blogs, or even for my private clients.

I need to make sure that I can only do my best. If I can’t do that, then I’m not going to publish anything but I will write drafts.

Bad content isn’t going to make you money. Great content may not necessarily bring in all the views but you gain a reputation for being a good writer. As you build up your portfolio, you’ll see more views because people are going to share your content.

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It’s not all about the writing

Of course, it’s not all about the writing. While I say one post a day is good for building up your portfolio and making money on revenue share sites, it’s not going to guarantee the views or the sales through affiliate links—however you make money with the sites.

You’ll need to make sure your SEO is good and that you can promote properly on social media. It’s a full package when it comes to revenue share sites, which is something you’ll pick up more on as you write more content. This is all something I learned more as I grew within revenue share sites, which is why I wholly recommend them.

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