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Why you need a niche on revenue share writing sites

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If you’re looking to make money on revenue share writing sites, you need a niche. See others who don’t have a niche? Don’t follow them. They are more likely to fail in their efforts.

I know there are a lot of people who still say that revenue share writing sites aren’t good for writers. I still make a full-time income with them, and I don’t see that changing unless a couple of sites completely shut down. It’s not easy to make money and the income isn’t always consistent, but revenue share does work.

One of the ways I made it work was through having a niche. You need a niche to see success with revenue share writing sites. I know there are a lot of people who don’t bother with niches, but they’re not going to see the same success they could if they opted for a niche.

Why you need a niche for revenue share success

A lot of revenue share writing sites will have the ability to write about a variety of topics. Just look at Medium. The way to pull people in is allowing them to write about anything they want. I’ve seen the same with the likes of HubPages, Wizzley, and much more.

Just because you can write about anything doesn’t mean you should. While the site itself covers a variety of niches, you want to keep your niches small. If you can, you want to keep your writing to one niche, expanding out to topics that connect to your niche.

For example, you may want to write about photography and how to get into photography. You could cover topics like social media with a focus on photography topics. This is how you work multiple niches together. You need them to interlink.

But why is having a niche so important? It all comes down to creating a brand. People aren’t going to be able to follow the revenue share sites all that easily. There will be multiple niches and that won’t pull a lot of readers in. When someone finds your content and finds it useful, they’ll want to see what else you have to say on the same topic. And they’ll share content if it continues to cover the same content. If you jump between topics, your readers aren’t going to know where your previous content on the same niche is. This leads to them not following you in the future.

You can create an audience if you give them what they want. Focus on one niche.

Covering different niches on revenue share writing sites

You can cover different niches, but you don’t want to do it on one account. If you can, sign up to the revenue share writing sites with different email addresses. You could even have a penname to cover the different niches to your main account.

Another option is to sign up to different revenue share writing sites and cover different niches on each of them. You could choose photography on Medium, hair and beauty on HubPages, and dog care on Wizzley (just as some examples). This way, you get to enjoy your writing, but you create a brand for each of the individual sites.

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