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Why the new year isn’t the best time for a fresh start writing

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The new year is a time for new goals and resolutions. Doesn’t that mean it’s the best time for a fresh start writing?

Is this the right time to look at your business goals and assess what you want? Is it the best time to look at new courses and purchases to help your business?

It’s not necessarily going to be the case. Just like this may not be the best time to raise your writing rates. Here’s why I don’t necessarily use this time for a fresh start writing.

You may not be in a good financial position

Sometimes, a new plan requires you to be in a good financial position. For example, you want to do a new course to learn a new aspect of writing. The course may be great and you’ll gain financial value after you’ve done it, but are you in the right financial position to do it now?

What about if you want to buy a new blog. Instead of starting from scratch, you want to buy an already established blog to build. That would be great, except you just don’t have the money right now.

The new year is one of the hardest times financially normally. Even with the best plans in place for the holiday spending, finances can be tight.

While you want to get a fresh start writing, waiting a little later could be the best thing to do financially.

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Your writing may be seasonal

Take a look at your blogging niche. Is now the right time to even start afresh? Just because it’s the new year doesn’t mean it’s the best time to get our fresh start writing.

If your blog works best in the summer months, that’s going to be when you really get your fresh start. You’ll want to plan now for then, but you won’t necessarily want to get all your content up or start promoting all your products.

If the new year is the right time for your products, you don’t want to rush them this year. Plan now for next year. You want most of your holiday content up a month or two before the actual holiday. Keep that in mind moving forward.

And it may not be your writing that’s seasonal. Another job you have may be seasonal. This time of year could be the busiest because of retail, so you’ll find getting your fresh start with writing is better for another few months.

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You may not be in the best mindset

Where is your head right now? Are you ready to be focused on your business? There’s nothing wrong with saying “not right now.”

I know someone will tell me I’m making excuses, but the new year isn’t always the best time mentally. You may have lost someone over the season, or your work may have ramped up so you can’t focus on something you want to do.

It’s important to be in a clear and ready mindset to get a fresh start writing. If that means waiting another month or two, that’s okay. Put that plan in action. Make a date for when you’re going to look again at your options.

Mother Nature has other ideas

Remember this time last year when we were getting ready for a new decade? It was consider the best time to get your fresh start.

Well, Mother Nature had other plans. Look at the hell that 2020 has been. Anyone who started their business at the start of 2020 will have struggled. It doesn’t matter what your business was doing. The stress, the uncertainty, and lockdowns…everything worked against us.

And it’s always the case. If you look back at each year, the start of the year isn’t always the best. I’ve seen flooding, snowstorms, and bush fires throughout this time of year in various parts of the world.

There’s little you can do about Mother Nature. You can’t plan when she’ll attack. What you can do is look at when she’s more likely to attack to figure out a way around it, and plan to succeed against anything.

Get a Fresh Start Writing in the New Year

It can put you off a fresh start writing at other times of the year

You’ve got to April and the plan you initially had is no longer working. So, you decide to stop. Then it comes to July and you get a new plan. But you can’t start a new plan in the middle of the year, can you? Surely you have to wait for the new year to start afresh.

This is the problem with using the new year as that fresh start. It can put you off from doing something in the middle of the year.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a fresh start writing in the middle of the year. I’ve done it plenty of times. In fact, I prefer the summer months to do it because that’s when it’s quieter in other jobs.

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What are you planning for the new year? Is this when you’ll get your fresh start writing? Let me know in the comments below.