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Is niche writing good to make money writing online?

You may have read about niche writing. People will tell you that it’s a must if you want to get your blog off the ground. Others say you need to do it if you want to make money with revenue share sites or with private clients. Are they right?

The truth is niche writing is a very good decision for your freelance writing career. This is the best way to boost your profits, find clients, and create great quality content every day.

I chose technology and weight loss as my niches when I first started writing. I’ve since opened up to business, marketing, and writing as secondary niches. However, now, you’ll find that I’ve stepped away from many of those niches. While I still write about writing, my main niches are lifestyle and entertainment. They are slim but broad at the same time.

So, why do you need to pick a niche for your writing? Here are just three reasons.

You enjoy it more

You want to enjoy your job, right? I know I did!

Niche writing allows you to pick something that you like to write about; a subject that you already know things about and you love to learn more through research.

While you still need to watch the clock to make sure you stick to a good hourly rate, you’ll not feel like you’re doing as much hard work. You’ll enjoy it so much that you put the extra effort in without realizing. This leads to glowing testimonials, repeat business and a great future for your freelance writing career.

If you write topics that you don’t like, it will eventually show through your writing. The creativeness will disappear and you’ll stop wanting to do this as a job.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your niche. If you’re not enjoying it anymore, you can’t keep going. But try not to change too often.

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Niche writing builds credibility

You’ve already heard about how you need to build credibility and authority to boost your freelance writing career. While it is possible writing in many different niches, it is much easier when you write with one or two focuses.

You’ll start to pick up more about the subject and become an expert. This is important for search engines, especially if you have a blog or website on the topic. You will rank higher and be much easier to find by clients.

It’s also a good way of staying away from the content mills. They want people to write things on any topic. By having a set niche and sticking to that, you automatically take yourself away and have to find somewhere else to get your work.

However, you do have to be open to writing about other topics. You’ll sometimes need to join topics together –I’ve had to join the automotive and finance niches together and the weight loss and technology niches. If you stick religiously to one niche, you may find it difficult to get going; especially in the beginning.

Clients find you easily

By using keywords like “technology writer” or “legal writer”, you will automatically make it easier for clients to find you. They will use those terms in their searches and you want to be in those results.

Niche writing will open up many opportunities for inbound marketing instead of having to reach out to individuals and companies. You find work much easier and get to spend less money on marketing in the long term.

But what do you do when you have more than one niche? You may have noticed that I don’t have any keywords like that on my website. Instead, I focus on “Glasgow freelance writer” to aim for the local search results instead. I do have blogs though on my chosen niches so that people can find me, see samples straight away and then contact me.

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Do you do niche writing? Is there one particular niche that you prefer over others or did you struggle to find your passion? Please, feel free to share your comments below and let people know how it helped or hindered your freelance writing career.

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