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Why you’re not making it as a freelance writer

I’ve read a lot about people not making it as a freelance writer. They either give up because their pitches aren’t accepted or they just can’t make enough money to survive.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels. For the first few years of my writing career, I struggled with bringing in enough money. I couldn’t get clients or I’d get ones that were paying a pittance and had to slave over a keyboard to make money.

Now it’s completely different. I’m making a full-time income (and more) as a writer. I’ve got the clients, but most importantly, I’m more willing to put the effort in.

This is something you need to be honest with yourself about. It’s one of the points on this list. Are you willing to put the effort in to make it a successful career? If you’re looking for a quick fix scheme, Blogging Blissfully isn’t the place for you.

So, here’s why you’re not making it as a freelance writer.

You’re looking in the wrong places

Are you opting for the content mills and freelance bidding sites? These aren’t going to help you succeed and make those four or even five-figure monthly incomes. They’re holding you back.

I’ve written before about getting away from the content mills completely, but I’ll admit something now: I still go back to them now and then.

One benefit of the content mills is I can get enough to survive for the week if I have a bad week. When you’re starting out, that’s really important and I believe getting money from wherever you can.

What I want you to do is start looking at other places to write. Don’t just stick with the mills. Look for better-paying clients at the same time.

Start looking at other places. Pitch to local businesses, write articles for charity newsletters or even pitch to the magazines. You will soon get higher-paying clients on a regular basis.

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You’re not putting the effort in

This is the one that I was most guilty of. I knew I could make it as a freelance writer but I wasn’t putting the effort in. I didn’t see the point in the marketing when I could quickly sign up to a content mill and make a quick buck.

You’re not going to make it as a freelance writer at all if you keep thinking this way. Hard work really pays off—yes, I really believe that.

In fact, most writer blogs that I follow have said the exact same thing. And when you work harder, you will end up valuing the success more. To paraphrase Control Z on Netflix, the easy things aren’t worth having.

If you stick to the places that are easier to make money on, you’re not going to see the big bucks and you won’t make it.

Why you're not finding success as a freelance writer

Being a freelance writer isn’t something you want to do

I’m going to say something you might not want to here: freelance writing isn’t for you! You may think that this is something you want to do but really think about it. Is it something your personality suits?

Do you have the motivation to succeed? Do you have the determination to get the great clients? Can you handle all the rejection?

You may not have the skill to set your own hours and actually work when you need to.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that this isn’t the right job for you. Not everyone can be a freelance writer.

There is something out there for suits you—just take the time to find it.

The truth is that if you don’t like doing something, there’s no point in doing it. If you don’t like freelance writing, you’re not going to put the effort in and you will always see the low pay. Is it really worth trying to put up with all that?

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