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Why you’re not ready to be a freelance writer

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If you’re looking at ways to make money online, you’ve likely come across the idea of being a freelance writer. It is certainly a popular way for many people to make a career online.

One thing I don’t often say is someone shouldn’t be a freelance writer. What I want people to do is make sure they’re ready to be a writer. Sometimes, you’re just not.

Or maybe being a freelance writer just isn’t the job for you.

It’s important to be honest with yourself. And it’s something I look at myself all the time. Is this still the right job for me?

With practice, many people can get over the hurdles I share below. It takes time, but if you really want to be a freelance writer, the time is worth it.

Here are the main reasons you’re not ready to be a freelancer writer…yet!

Your English isn’t good enough

One of the big problems for people getting started as a writer is grammar and spelling issues. If you have them in your emails to potential clients or in social media promotions, people will move on.

I have had a lot of people offer to ghostwrite content for me. One of the things that immediately puts me off is broken English or a lot of misspelled words in their posts. Often, it’s the mixup of “there, their, and they’re” or “we’re and were.”

The worst is no punctuation, making it extremely hard to tell what a post is about.

There’s no shame in just not being ready yet. You’re not alone.

Please don’t take it as a snub. It’s a case of working on your writing and communication skills. Being a writer is more than just stringing a few sentences together.

You may be able to get around some of the issues by hiring an editor or even just a proofreader.

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You don’t have the drive to succeed as a freelance writer

You can write, but do you have the passion? Do you have the drive to succeed?

While I can help with temporary motivation boosts as a writing mentor, I can’t help someone who doesn’t have the commitment to their business. I don’t have the ability to give you the drive you need to succeed.

You need to want to make this work. You need to want to work to succeed in business.

Writing isn’t a “get rich quick scheme.” It’s not something that will help you make money overnight. You can’t make money without putting a lot of effort in. Nothing worth having came without a bit of hard work.

So, you need to know if you have the drive. If you have a bad day, are you just going to give up? If you receive one rejection, are you willing to pick it all back up and get back to the drawing board?

Your first writing job isn’t going to make you $2,000+ per month right away. You need to work to get there.

You don’t really want to do it

Be honest with yourself. Do you want to be a freelance writer?

You may enjoy writing, but that doesn’t mean you want to write for other people. Even if you have a byline, you may not want to write content that other people pay you for. You may want to write your own content.

That’s okay! There are places for you to write if that’s what you want to do. But being a freelance writer isn’t quite what it is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying writing for clients isn’t what you want to do. You don’t have to work away at a type of writing that you’re not interested in. It’s important to be happy with what you’re doing, otherwise the drive won’t be there.

Why you're not ready to be a freelance writer

You’re letting fear control you

If you do want to do this and you do have the passion, what’s stopping you? One of the problems will be fear.

I don’t want anyone to be held back by fear. I was held back for too long because of it. Something I help my students is how to kick the fear and put yourself out there.

So, you need to stop making excuses. Stop letting things hold you back.

Stop telling yourself you’re not ready to be a freelance writer. If fear is the thing that’s holding you back, you actually are ready!

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Are you ready to be a freelance writer? Is this something that you want? Share what’s holding you back in the comments below.