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How to pick your writing niche whether a freelance writer or blogger

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Whatever type of writing or blogging you do, having a writing niche (or two) is certainly something to consider. Bloggers and writers will find their income grows faster and bigger if they have a niche to focus on.

The writing niche is something I’ll focus on throughout January 2021—it’s my theme for the month. It’s a good place to start since it’s the first thing you’ll want to figure out as a new writer, and the start of the year is possibly a fresh start for many.

Whether you blog, use residual income sites, or write for private clients, having a writing niche is worthwhile.

I started out without one, and I struggled. In the end, I accidentally found a couple of niches that worked for me and that I enjoyed. As I saw my income grow, I started focusing more on them purposely. That led to getting to where I am now.

Man, I wish I chose to listen to the niche advice sooner.

You don’t just need one writing niche!

One misconception I’m going to clear up is that you don’t just need to focus on one niche. While you’ll want to keep a blog focused, it is possible to combine a few niches into one.

For example, I have a work at home mom blog. I can cover a few niches within that work at home mom niche to keep the content flowing and interesting.

So, while I suggest having a writing niche, you don’t just need one single niche to focus on.

My niches are broad. I have individual blogs for them. This helps to keep the content organized for readers. However, as mentioned, some niches can work together.

So, how do you pick a writing niche? Here are my top tips.

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Pick topics you’re passionate about

Where do you even start with a niche? It’s all about picking topics you’re passionate about.

This part you want to do without any research. Try to stay away from the internet and just think about the topics that you love.

Just because you’ve heard the financial topics are profitable doesn’t mean they’re going to work for you. Some people will say writing about history isn’t profitable, but I’ve personally found that it can be. It’s all about passion as well as an audience looking for content.

The more you love a niche, the harder you’ll work at growing the blog. The easier it is to stay focused and on track when the views don’t pick up the way you’d hoped they would.

A blog won’t be profitable if you don’t enjoy it. That lack of passion shines through in your writing. You’ll struggle to come up with valuable content. You’re just not going to rank well.

And if you’re a freelance writer, your lack of knowledge about particular topics will be clear. It’s harder to command the rate you know you deserve, and you will lose passion for writing as a whole.

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Find topics you already have experience in

As well as being passionate about something, you need to have experience. People come to blogs or read other’s content to get answers to the questions they have. They need to know you have the answer.

If your content is mostly fluff with little content that helps a reader, they’re going to turn away. You’ll get a larger bounce rate and that leads to problems with growing your blog.

And it’s not just about having any experience. You want to have a good amount of the right experience.

So you’ve had a baby. Now you think you can write a blog about parenting. Well, that’s not quite the way it works. You don’t have information for those raising older children. You’re really only working with something that you know.

And yes, there will be a small market for that, but it’s not exactly something you’re an expert in.

What about your work? What areas have you gained experience in there? This could be your writing niche instead.

While you’re finding something you have experience in, you also need to offer something you’re passionate about. It goes back to the first tip on picking your niche. The two need to combine to offer the best experience for your readers or your clients.

How to pick your writing niche

Now it’s time to find space for your writing niche

It’s time to do some research. This is the time to look at whether there are already blogs within your niche.

If you find blogs in your specific niche, this is a good thing. It means there’s some competition, which suggests there are people looking for the content. If there’s nothing at all, it could mean there’s no need for your writing niche.

If there’s no competition, you’ll want to look at keyword research. This will help you find out how many people are looking for topics you’d likely cover. If there’s a low search volume and low competition, it means there is little chance of profiting with this niche. I’ll get into this more during the month. It’s a topic that deserves a blog post all by itself.

What if there’s too much competition? This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It comes to the final tip to make a name for yourself within the topic.

Find a unique angle to stand out

The first niche I fell into was on a (now closed down) revenue share site. It was the history niche.

Of course, history is a large topic. It’s also one that is heavily covered by historians. So, trying to make a name for myself within this niche was going to be difficult. I did it though.

I found a niche within the niche.

I have plans to go back to it so I’m, sadly, not yet going to share what it is. However, it can be done. It’s all about figuring out what isn’t being covered in detail.

One niche that is popular is the weight loss niche. It’s one that I broke into temporarily, but it’s one that I didn’t quite have the passion for to keep it going. I kept my focus on Weight Watchers (now WW) and used my knowledge as a leader to help other people and to help understand the plan better.

Everything was done on YouTube rather than a blog, and it was a way to build my business as a Weight Watchers leader at the time. When I quit that role, I quit the YouTube videos. But I did have regular followers and I built my classes up with it.

There are ways into big and popular niches with unique angles. If you’re passionate about the topic, you will find it.

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What is your favorite writing niche? What are you passionate about? Let me know in the comments below.