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Why you should prepare your writing plan for the new year before Christmas break

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I’m already getting started for the new year. My writing plan is at the ready, with things set up to go live in the run-up already. It’s not even Christmas Eve yet.

And sure, you may not celebrate Christmas, but your clients might. Other people you hire or work with might celebrate it. So, it’s a good idea to get things ready as soon as possible.

I started getting ready early back in 2015. My second baby was due at the start of January, so I had to make sure things were ready to go live and my clients knew what was going on. I needed to have a schedule so I didn’t have to worry about anything when it came to the birth.

And that turned out so stress-free that I’ve made it work ever since.

But don’t you have a week between Christmas and New Year? Sure, but here’s why you should prepare your writing plan and get your diary organized before then.

You won’t want to do anything in the days after Christmas

If you’re like me, you want to relax in the days after Christmas. You’ve worked flat out throughout the year, especially this year. 2020 has not been kind!

You may have kids at home. Or you have a husband off work who tends to get in the way without meaning to. And there is family to see, even if it is just through Zoom.

Before you know it, New Year’s Eve is here! You’ve done nothing, and now you’re going to start the new year stressed.

It’s best just to get it all out of the way. You know you don’t want to do anything after Christmas, so why force yourself to do it?

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Your clients will appreciate some warning

Are you taking some time off for Christmas? Maybe you’re planning some time off just after New Year instead. Whatever your plan is, you need to communicate with your clients.

I have one that is a bit erratic with work. It’s annoying, but something I’ve come to plan for. To make sure I’m planned, I let my client know what I’m doing over Christmas—what my availability is and isn’t. This then let’s them plan for me to get any work they need doing before I leave through to me in time.

If it doesn’t come to me in time, it waits. As long as clients have the warning, they’re going to work with you. Well, the good clients will. Any client that kicks up a fuss about me taking time off isn’t a client I want.

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Creating your writing plan takes time

You can’t just throw together a writing plan in a matter of minutes. It takes time to figure out what you want to achieve with your writing and how you’re going to set out your days.

You may not just have clients to deal with, but blogs that you also want to get off the ground.

It’s important to look at where you want your business to be this time next year. You need to consider how you could achieve your goals.

Your writing goals can’t just be haphazardly thrown together. They need to be SMART. They take time to develop, and then you can plan to reach those goals.

Make sure you give yourself that time. Don’t rush in the lead-up to the new year. Create a plan before Christmas and you’ll be ready.

New Year Writing Plan Tips

Keep your Christmas and New Year stress-free

When you get ahead and plan now, you’ll find the holiday season goes by without as much stress. You’re not constantly thinking about the writing plan for the new year. There’s no need to worry about finding time to create it in the Christmas holidays.

You get to just think about your family this time of year. You can go out and have some fun. Your business is put on the backburner.

Sure, you don’t want to let your business completely slide, but with a good plan beforehand, you won’t have to worry about it while you take some time off. And you need to take some time off!

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What writing plan do you have for the new year? What are you doing before you take time off for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.