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3 quick tips to repurpose content to make more money

I’m a big fan of repurposing content. Over time it becomes outdated and views change. New information is available, and it leads to the need for a new blog post. Or you need to find a new way to get the content out there, and you need to repurpose content you’ve already created.

But repurposing content isn’t the same as just rewriting it. It’s not the same as just changing a few bits and pieces here and there. You need to offer your readers something new. Here’s how to repurpose content effectively to help your blog.

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Add in new tips

If you’re repurposing tip or how-to-style blog posts, consider adding new tips and steps. You could take out old ones that no longer apply.

This tip works well when it comes to any type of list article. You can add and remove at any time to repurpose the idea and content but make it into a completely new article.

You can do a mixture of adding and removing tips when repurposing content and old blog posts. Don’t be afraid to try something different each time you do it.

Sometimes repurposing works best when there is a fundamental reason for it. You may have some up to date news on the topic or a new study may have been released. There may be case studies or a new interview some a noteworthy person in your niche.

Actively search out for these when you want to create a new post on the same topic. This will not just give you something new but also give you something current. You’re not just running out of ideas, but giving your readers something interesting with your repurposed content.

Share a new opinion

I’ve written reviews on websites or products and then a year later I’ve changed my mind. Rather than change the initial review, I’ve repurposed the content a little and changed my opinions. I’ve then linked to the original review—or vice versa—to make sure people know that I’ve updated my opinions.

Sharing new opinions is important. You will get people on your old stuff and they’ll think that it’s up to date and relevant to your opinions right now. If it’s not, you could end up misleading folk.

Make More Money By Repurposing Content

Repurpose content into something new

Offer something new for your readers. You can turn your content into a video or an infographic, just some sort of new form of media. The idea is to work with different preferences when it comes to consuming content.

Some people will prefer to listen to the information in the form of a podcast as they like to listen on their commute to work. Others will prefer to get snippets as an infographic and then there are some that prefer to watch videos. I like to use Canva for my images, and you can create infographics.

Repurposing content is allowed. In fact, it’s highly recommended. I love doing it! Now it’s your turn.

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This is a great way to get more content without working much harder. You’re working smarter, which is necessary right now. After all, who has the mindset to create a lot of new content?

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