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5 reasons you need to create a writing portfolio immediately

If you’re serious about being a writer, there are a few things you need, and a writing portfolio is one of the top things.

Think about it. If you want to hire a photographer, you want to see the previous work. If you want to hire a web designer, you want to see websites they’ve created before.

When people want to hire a writer, they want to see samples. If there are no samples, why should they trust that you can offer what they need?

Here are just five reasons you need to get clips of your writing together today!

1. A writing portfolio shows off your writing style

Everyone will want a different style. Some clients will want a formal style while others want a laid back blogging approach. Your writing clips showcase your style; if you want to get into different types of roles, you need to showcase the different styles you can write in.

Seeing your writing portfolio will give clients an idea of the way that you’ll write for them. Or if you can do the style that they want. Have a range on your website available, including articles, blog posts, and press releases, depending on the type of writing you want to do.

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2. Show your research capabilities

Useless drivel on the website isn’t going to get you far. People want to see that you’ve researched a topic. Authority is king on the web and your writing needs to show that. By showing you’re willing to research your own work, clients will know you can research theirs.

Of course, some posts are written from knowledge. That doesn’t mean the quality of the content can lack. It still needs to show authority—that you know what you’re talking about.

3. You can look back at your work

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll forget the past work you’ve done. I’m updating a few old pieces of content, like this one, and shudder at my writing. We all continually develop and learn but we need to know where we need to develop.

Looking back on work is a good way to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed. It’s a great way to get you back into wanting to write after a bad day or week and help you remember why you love what you do.

Your writing portfolio makes it easier to do that with just one click. No need to search for your name online.

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4. Write about what you love

When writing for clients, most of the time you’re writing for them. It can take its toll at times.

I went a month of hating writing because I was working on subjects that I had no interest in. I was getting ready to throw in the towel! Yes, really!

There have been times that I’ve thought about packing it all in. Maybe I would have if I actually liked working for someone else. I love being my own boss.

That was when I decided to write a post on one of my blogs. You know what? I started to love writing again. I now make it a habit to add to my posts on a regular basis. It may sound like work is wasted since I’m not going it for any pay but it adds to my writing portfolio and helps me gain more clients.

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5. Showcase your best work

If people search for me, they get a few pages of work that I’ve done. The problem is some of the work is suited for a particular blog. The formatting is poor because that’s what the client or the writing site has set up. Some of the writing is poor because of poor editors on sites—sites that I’m definitely not on anymore and don’t recommend!

But I don’t want potential clients to find those pieces of work.

I need to counter that problem—and so do you.

Having a writing portfolio allows me to showcase my best work; the stuff that is going to get me hired. It lowers the risk of potential clients raising their eyebrows at some of the past work and focus on the current pieces I’ve written. And they find something on a topic that works for them — my ideal clients are those that work in an industry that I like to write about.

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Still don’t think you need a writing portfolio? Think about how much easier it will be to share your work with potential clients or employers. No more need to click between various links to include them in an email. You can give one link to numerous clips and showcase your talents.

Clients want to see samples of your work. Make it easy for them to see many with just one click of a button. You want to be at the top of the list, right?