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Make money online: 5 reasons you need to write daily at revenue share sites

If you don’t do it right now, you need to start writing daily at revenue share sites. This is the best way to make money from them.

I know it sounds like a nightmare for some. Where are you supposed to find the hours? This is one of the reasons you need to think carefully about the amount of revenue share sites you join. You need to treat them like a business.

Making money through revenue share sites requires consistency and patience. That patience will pay off.

There are some revenue share sites that I write three or four pieces per day at. I do type at an average speed of 105 words per minute thanks to touch-typing courses at high school, but even so, I still have to proofread and remember the layouts for the various sites. I also have a routine to help focus on the writing and then on the editing.

But why is writing daily at a rev share site so important? Here are five reasons you should do it.

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You’ll build your audience quicker

The more you write, the quicker you’ll build your audience. You keep putting content in front of their faces, so they’re more likely to check it out.

As your name pops up more, people will recognize you. Then they’ll start to follow you and look out for more content. This is especially the case if they like the angles that you take or the discussions that you open.

It is still important to track your time. It’s easy for one site to become a time-zap. However, you also need to create a schedule to write daily at revenue share sites to build your audience quicker.

You’ll develop your routine at revenue share sites

Part of making rev share sites work is making them part of your routine. You’ll create more content with a system, and you can create that system sooner the more you write.

As you develop your routine, you’ll find the formatting takes less time. You may even create a template for layouts. This is something I do for all sites. I open up the templates with the coding and can just start writing. It saves so much time!

Your routines help to streamline everything. You’ll find you spend less time on writing the content and you have more time to promote. The money you make ends up being more worthwhile than ever before.

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Consistency gains a following

Remember that I said you’ll build your audience quicker? Well, it’s more than just building an audience at the revenue share site. One thing daily posting does is help you build your own audience.

You’ll need to share on your own social media platforms, of course. However, your consistency will bring people to you specifically. If you decide to leave the revenue share site, all is not lost. They’ll follow you to another site.

By seeing you post quality content daily, people will pay attention. They’ll rely on you posting that daily content and they’ll come looking for it.

You can keep content fresh

Let’s be honest, scientific research changes. The news leads to something different happening in the world. And a Google update leads to us needing to change all the SEO work we’ve been doing.

Posting daily will help you stay on track of what’s working. How is that possible? You stay within the writing community. You can visit the forums on revenue share sites or talk to editors daily who are likely to follow SEO rules.

When I edit on Hidden Remote and Amazon Adviser, I will always make changes that I know will help SEO. I’ll make sure specific search terms are added into content; something that writers won’t always know about. Those writers who look over their work (everyone should do this) will be able to see the changes I’ve made and question me about it if they want to learn more.

Plus, you get to keep the actual advice you’re offering up to date. Something that you wrote a year ago may no longer be relevant. You can’t always edit your content at revenue share sites, so you’re best creating a new post that you can link back to the old content. Not only do you have fresh information and a new daily post, but you create a strong internal backlink.

Write Daily at Revenue Share Sites

Quantity does have some benefit

Quality content will always win. However, a high quantity of quality content has a lot of benefit. I can tell you that from my consistent writing at revenue share sites.

The more you write, the more you have in your portfolio. I have blog posts from 2016 and 2017 that routinely pull in the most views. They’ve remained relevant and they’re strong for the topics that they are.

It’s hard to promote all these older posts. In fact, I often don’t. The views are coming from Google searches—Google loves high-quality content that has been around for some time, even with new updates.

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So, it’s time to create a plan to write daily at revenue share sites. You won’t regret it.

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