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Why I still write at revenue share sites

You will constantly hear from some bloggers and writers that revenue share sites are a waste of money. There’s this thing of looking down on them, with bloggers pushing you to start your own blog or find private clients. Well, why can’t you do everything?

Okay, so there are only so many hours in the day. I do recommend finding private clients and starting your own blog, but I also still write for revenue shares sites. And this isn’t something that will change any time soon. In fact, I’m already putting a plan in motion to start writing at HubPages again. There are lots of reasons for this. I’m going to share my top three reasons for still writing at revenue share sites.

So, while this post may annoy some writers and bloggers out there, it’s important to remember that everyone is different. Circumstances are different. People want different things out of writing. And revenue share can offer something that private clients and owning your own blog can’t.

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I can test out other topics

You need a niche. That is something you will hear a lot when it comes to writing. And when it comes to starting your own blog, I do heavily recommend having a niche. But when it comes to revenue share, there’s a bit of leeway.

While you’ll find it easier to build an audience with a niche, you don’t necessarily need one to succeed. After all, some sites are set up to be multi-niche sites. They’re designed to let you write about whatever you want.

Revenue share is a great way for me to test out other topics. I can write about something that I’m considering setting up a blog for, getting to grips with the topic and figuring out whether it’s for me. I’ve done enough of setting up a blog for something I think I’m passionate in and then finding out that I run out of ideas or out of steam after a month. With rev share, I don’t have to worry about doing that. I can just move onto another topic when the time is right.

I’m looking at going back to HubPages for a few topics that I don’t have another site to put the content on. These are like book reviews and subscription box reviews that don’t work on my other blogs due to the changes in directions. I’m not going to start another blog for them when I always have trouble running the ones that I do have. Revenue share is the best option.

I don’t have to worry about the costs of running the sites

There’s a lot of cost that goes into running a blog. You’ve got the hosting and domain name purchase (I recommend SiteGround for this), which is an annual cost. Then there may be costs involved with promoting content as social media sites push for more promoted content instead of free marketing. There are other little costs that people won’t initially associate with, including your time. You only have so many hours in the day and you have to spend hours to work on your blogs and promote them.

Do you really have the costs and time? Do you want to spend all that time in managing the blog?

With revenue share sites, you don’t need to worry about that. You’re getting paid to do the writing. Whether you end up being paid through ad revenue or through your affiliate links, you’re getting money without putting money in. The only thing you’re putting in is time, but it’s minimal time compared to running your own site.

Blogs take time to get off the ground. You’ll know that just from seeing so many get started and then shut down. The same can happen to revenue share sites, but with so many writing and helping to promote, it’s less like to happen then you having to make the choice to shut down your own blog due to losing out on money.

I don’t have the time and money for individual blogs when I get a new idea for a niche. I don’t have the time and money to put into constantly promoting more websites. I’d rather sometimes to just do the writing and that’s it!

Why I Still Write at Revenue Share Sites

I can make a lot of money with revenue share sites

People will tell you that you can’t make money with rev share. Or they tell you that you’re making the site owners rich. Honestly, sure, the site owners may be making money but that doesn’t mean I’m not! I make a lot of money through revenue share sites. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep writing for them.

Because I’m not putting the money in, the money that I make is mine. I don’t have to worry about putting it back into the business. There’s no need to be concerned about the extra costs of sponsored posts. This leads to more profit for me, which I can then choose to put into my own blogs if I want. Or I can put the money into promoting myself for private clients.

While I do only have a few hours in the day, I want to use those hours productively. Revenue share sites remain one of those ways. Of course, there are going to be times you want to think about starting your own blog, but you need to do what’s right for you at the time.

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