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4 Reasons all writers need to learn SEO regardless of niche

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s something that all writers need to know, regardless of the niche you’re in or how you’re planning on getting clients. I’m sharing my top four reasons to learn SEO as a writer.

The good news about SEO is that it’s a skill that you will pick up over time. It can be taught.

The bad news is that SEO constantly changes. You always seemed to need to learn SEO, even when you think you’ve figured out how to use it in your writing. However, it’s going to be worth the consistent learning and research.

It doesn’t matter what type of writing you offer or the niches that you work in. SEO is essential. It’s what helps you get noticed in search engines. Many people will give up on it because it is a marathon and not a spring, but you need to put the effort in if you want to be successful as a writer in the online world.

Here are the four reasons you need to learn SEO right now.

You’ll improve your own search results

You need to make sure your own website is easy to find online. If people can’t find your website, they won’t know you’re a writer for hire. When you learn SEO, you can implement it in your own writing to make sure your website gains in the search engine rankings.

It’s not just about your own website, either.

You may have your own blogs in other niches. Or you may write on revenue share sites. The great news is that learning SEO will help you with them. The same rules apply to get your work noticed.

It’s important to get your work on the first page of search engine results, especially Google. Most people don’t look past that. If you have good SEO skills, your own results will improve and you’ll make more money as a writer, whether it’s through views or getting clients.

And remember that SEO is always changing. As you stay on top of it all, you’ll always make sure your content is right for the rules.

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You become more employable when you learn SEO

As you learn more about SEO, you’ll be able to add what you learn to your own content. It’s a skill that you add to your offerings to your clients.

Business owners know that it’s important to get on the first page of Google. They know that they don’t just want a writer, but one who will help them grow their business. That means they need one that knows SEO.

If you can show clients that you can use SEO well, you’re going to be more employable. People want to work with you and see what you can do for their business.

Not all of these clients are going to be the right fit for you. The benefit is that you get a stronger chance of finding work.

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You can command more for your writing

Think about when you add a new skill in a workplace. You can usually get a wage increase. You’re likely taking on more job responsibilities because of that new skill. Or you may be able to offer the business more because of your new skill so you’re worth more.

The same applies when you learn SEO. You have a skill that is highly sought after.

You gain more negotiation power when it comes to getting clients. While the person who doesn’t know SEO is charging $30 per hour, you will be able to justify $60 per hour or more. You know more. You can offer the business more.

You also show that you’re willing to work on the area. The client doesn’t have to worry about future changes, so they’re more willing to pay a higher amount for that peace of mind.

Why Writers Need to Learn SEO

You can offer more packages as a writer

Rather than charging an hourly rate, you likely have packages. That’s the way I prefer to market my skills and gain clients. Packages tend to work out better in terms of finances and work.

One of my packages can be purely about SEO writing. After all, this is something some clients are looking for, while others look for blog writing packages that have a little SEO thrown in.

More packages will allow you to offer something specific for clients. It can help you gain the clients you want at the rate you want.

Of course, too many choices can be difficult. While you want to offer plenty of packages, you don’t want to overwhelm your potential clients.

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What are you doing to improve your writing? Will you take time to learn SEO? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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