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30 days of revenue share: Make money with residual income sites

Towards the middle of February 2020, I decided I was going to take part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. It’s something I used to do religiously, but then work got in the way and I made a change to my blogging business. And what a mistake it was. Okay, so at the time it was necessary, but now I’m back on the blogging challenge bandwagon, and for the next 30 days, I’m talking all about revenue share.

Making money with residual income is something I do every single month. On some sites I make a couple of dollars per month doing absolutely nothing, but on other sites I make a full-time income with a bit of extra work. Revenue share isn’t dead and it certainly isn’t a waste of time.

What is revenue share?

Okay, I know for some of you, the term “revenue share” or “residual income” is new. The two terms are not interchangeable by the way, but they can be used for similar types of writing. I’ll get onto “residual income” in a bit.

“Revenue share” refers to the way that you make money. You’re sharing revenue with others. More specifically, you’ll be sharing revenue with the owner of the website you’re writing at.

Let’s say you wrote for revenue share for me. I could split the income you make for my 50/50. You get 50% of the income you make for the posts that you write and I get the other 50% for hosting the content and allowing you to write about something. Some sites will split 70/30 with the majority going to to, while others will split with a fair more in their favor.

The revenue is gained from various methods. For some, it’s only through advertisement costs. So, you could get paid a set amount based on the number of views you bring in on your posts. This is the way FanSided pays.

Others will allow you to use your own affiliate links. They will often switch between your links and theirs, so you get a set percentage of the income. Or they may allow you to keep 100% of the affiliate income and share the advertisement income. Wizzley and HubPages have these sorts of models.

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What is residual income?

So, if revenue share and residual income aren’t interchangeable terms, what does the latter mean? This refers to how the income is earned over time. You may hear it called “passive income.” The idea is that you gain income over time, consistently earning as long as the content is live.

Some sites will have a specific time frame that you can earn during. Blasting News limits you to 30 days of earnings. Others will allow you to keep earning as long as you’re writing there. Then there are others who will just allow you to keep earning money without you doing anything in the future. I prefer the latter two.

In some cases, you can make money doing nothing at all. My HubPages articles only make me $2 per month or so, but I don’t touch them. I don’t market them at all. I literally do nothing and they’re bringing me in the price for a small coffee.

Other sites, I do a little more. I’ll write new articles and link back to old ones or I keep sharing them on social media. There’s a little work, but the money is still residual; I’ve not changed the post or done extra work on it to make money.

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Revenue Share: Make Money with Residual Income

30 Day Blogging Challenge: The revenue share schedule

Throughout the month, my aim is to write one blog post per day. I missed a day on Mar. 1, but that was planned. I needed to take a day or two away from the computer to plan out posts and to make sure I was ready to do a 30-day blogging stint.

Each day, I’ll come back to this post and update the schedule. The idea is you can come to this one post and check in on the progress each day of the month.

Day 1: What is revenue share?

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