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Revenue share not working: Is it your content or the site?

You’ve started writing at a revenue share site. After all, this is a way to make money online, right? It certainly can be. The problem you’re facing is that you’re not making money.

Whether you’re paid per view, through ad revenue, or through affiliate links, you’re not seeing an income from your content. It’s very easy to blame the site. Trust me when I say that I see it happen a lot. However, it’s important to assess whether it could be your content.

I’m not saying your content is bad. What I mean is your content isn’t being read. After all, if people aren’t reading your content, you’re not going to be paid. And this is where revenue share can fail for some. People see it as an easy way to make money, but it does take a lot of work. While you don’t have the outgoings that you would with a blog, you still need to think about the type of content you’re writing to make sure it’s necessary.

So, is it your content or the site? Here are some questions to ask.

What do other writers say?

If you can, talk to other writers on the site. Find out what their views are like. Not all will want to give you exact amounts of money they’re making, but they may be willing to share if their income has grown. I never mind someone on the same revenue share site reaching out to me to find out about income and site growth. The only thing I ask is that you don’t ask for my exact income that I’m making. I never, ever share the exact revenue because a) my income is my business and b) knowing how much I make doesn’t help you.

What you should be asking is how long it took to start seeing results and whether there’s still consistent growth. You want to know the type of content they write and the research they do in finding their audience. You’ll want to know about niches they’ve tried and what they did to get the audience they gained.

If they’re not seeing growth, it could be the site. If they’re seeing growth, then it’s a sign that it’s your content.

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Does your content show up in search results?

Do a Google search on the keywords you’re using. Does your content show up in the results?

On a good revenue share site, you should see your results pop up. This may be on the first page or on the second or third. It takes time to build a reputation, so a lower page at first will be understandable. But you want to start seeing results on the first page or two for your keyword within a matter of months. In fact, a matter of weeks if you write regularly enough.

If the content isn’t showing up for your keyword, this could be a sign that the revenue share site isn’t trusted by Google. It could also be a sign that your content isn’t optimized properly, which is something you’ll want to work on first.

Showing up on the first page? This is a sign people aren’t looking for your content. They’re not bothered about the problem you’re solving. You need to change the type of content you write about if you want to see results.

The latter is what I see a lot of onĀ Hidden Remote. People write about what they like but they don’t consider what other people are searching for. If people aren’t interested in the same thing as you then they’re not clicking on your content and reading it. You need to find what works.

Have you researched your keywords?

If you’re seeing growth but not enough growth, you may want to consider your SEO. This is especially the case if the site is doing well overall or if other writers on the site are doing well. It’s a sign that it’s your content that’s struggling.

I know of too many writers who pay no attention to SEO. While Google takes time to rank content, it is far more stable and takes less maintenance afterward than other forms of getting traffic. Just look at the amount of changes Pinterest has made recently and the demand for constant fresh pins! At least Google doesn’t demand that you update your content daily to see it rank. Google can actually like older content.

So, you need to do some research into your keywords. I recommend Ubersuggest for a free tool, but I use Alli AI as a paid tool for my keyword research. I got Alli AI on an App Sumo deal, and I highly recommend looking out for it the next time it shows up.

Does the revenue share site have a bad reputation?

You will need to do some research into the rev share site. Find out more about its backstory and whether it’s made changes over the years. When Google has updated its algorithm, has the site tried to make positive changes for that or has it just tried to game the system?

You’ll want to see what other writers have said about it. How long do writers stick around on a site? Look over their previous content and see when they started writing on the site. Did they stop for a prolonged time? Why could that have been?

If you find former writers on social media, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask them what they thought of a site. This could help determine if it’s a site problem or an issue with your content.

What’s your social reach like?

While Google results are important, some of your readers will come from social media. What is your social media reach like? Which social media platforms are you using? Are you seeing results through social media?

I use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I’m getting into the fourth one more at the moment and I prefer using Twitter. Pinterest takes up too much time so I haven’t used it as effectively as I could. However, I try to use all four to promote my content. I don’t have the biggest reaches, but I try to use hashtags well on each of the sites.

If your social media reach isn’t great, you can end up finding that your content won’t do that well. This isn’t a site or a content problem. You need to work on your social media.

Revenue Share Site vs. Content Problem

How long have you been at the site?

Be honest with me on this one. Have you only been on the revenue share site for a week? Then you’re probably not going to see great results. Unless you have some sort of viral article (it happens), you’re not likely to see a huge takeoff in your income. Revenue share takes time and work.

After three months of consistent writing, you should start to see some upticks. But this is consistent writing. Don’t just write one and wait to see what happens. I recommend writing daily for the first three months if you can. If you can’t do daily for the full three months, do a push for the first month and then write three times a week at a minimum. If your content is something people are searching for and it has good SEO, you should see some good results. When the results aren’t there, it’s a sign that the site isn’t good enough (and if the site is new, then this could be the main issue).

If you’re not writing consistently or you’re new to the site, it will take time to see the income. It’s not a site problem or even a content problem. It’s just a time problem.

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Are you struggling to make money with revenue share? Is it the site or the content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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