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5 top revenue share site application mistakes you need to avoid

I see a lot of people applying for revenue share sites or writing jobs. Some of these are great and they’re quickly approved if there’s a place for them. Others have glaring errors.

I don’t want you to become one of those with the errors, errors that can stop you from getting a job. Even though it’s a revenue share site you’re applying for, it’s important to show you’re serious about writing. This may be a hobby for you, but it’s a business on the other side. It’s important to treat it like a business.

These are the biggest five mistakes I notice when it comes to applications for revenue share sites.

Sharing extremely old samples

You need to put your best foot forward. Sharing samples is important, but you need to make sure they’re good samples.

It doesn’t happen often, but there are times that I’ll see an application with samples from four or five years ago. They won’t have anything more recent at all. And there’s no explanation as to why they don’t have any recent samples.

I get it, life can happen. There are times when you’re going to step away from writing and then want to return. Or you may have decided to try out another niche or landed some other clients and not had time for your own writing. Include something about that so the people looking over the application will understand the reason for the very old samples.

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No relevant samples for the revenue share sites

Another major problem with samples for the sites is that the samples aren’t relevant. If you’re applying for a website that specializes in the lifestyle niche, you need to share samples within that sample. Applying to a site that’s about dog care? You need dog care samples.

Sure, other samples can help show off your writing, but they don’t show off your skills within the niche.

It only has to be one sample. I don’t often say write for free, but this is one of those cases where writing one piece for free can work out. It can usually be your first piece on the revenue share site you’re applying for.

Being too cocky in your application

Confidence is one thing, but cockiness is an instant turn off. Nobody is perfect. You may have heard of the phrase “show don’t tell.”

Your “perfect” writing is something you need to show through your application. If you have to tell it then you’re not that good enough.

I can’t tell you the number of applications for residual income sites that say they’re funny and witty. Then it comes to their samples and I don’t read a thing that makes me laugh. Sure, humor is subjective, but if you think you’re funny then you really need to show that in the samples somewhere.

Plus, this application isn’t just about you. It’s about what you offer for the site.

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Don’t make people go hunting for samples

It’s another sample problem. You want everything in one place. Make it as easy as possible for someone to say “yes” to you. If you make them go searching for good samples, they’re not going to bother. Recruiters have limited hours and they don’t want to waste those hours looking through samples. You’re not the only person applying for the residual income site that day.

Try to avoid just sharing your author bio link to another site. People may come across the wrong samples or not see anything relevant, especially if you cover multiple niches on another site. So, you need to find specific samples.

One of the things I do to avoid these problems is to have a spreadsheet of content that’s regularly updated. I have links for multiple niches depending on the places I’ll apply to.

5 Top Mistakes for Applying for Revenue Share Sites

Share what you can offer for the site

There will usually be a section on a revenue share site application that asks for why you’re a good fit for the site. Why should you be hired as a writer?

Too many people share about their talents or what they want to get out of the site. They share their experience.

That’s great, but what about what you can offer the site? What can you bring that the other writers on the site aren’t bringing? Is it a knowledge of SEO? What about a knowledge of social media marketing? Maybe you can offer a voice that you don’t already see on the website.

This is where your research into the site shines. You can show what you’ve noticed. It’s not about how you could write something better, but the style of content you notice is missing that you think the site could offer.

Be respectful when it comes to this. Show how your writing will benefit the revenue share sites you want to join.

If this is really a job that you want, make sure you prove that through the application process. Respect the time of the person reading the application and you get off to a good start. You’ll increase the chances of getting accepted.

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I do want you to get through the application process for the revenue share sites. These are the biggest mistakes that would instantly put you in the “no” camp and it’s hard to get out of that.

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