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5 top signs your writing niche is too narrow

I am a believer in needing a blogging niche. It’s having a blogging niche that helped me grow as a freelance writer.

At the same time, it’s important not to be strangled by your niche. I don’t believe in niching down to the point where you are heavily limiting yourself as a write.

Many bloggers when they hear about picking a niche can go too narrow. Such a narrow niche doesn’t make much money, and you can start losing your passion for what you’re doing.

You limit your potential audience. It’s harder to write blog posts.

Are you concerned your blogging niche is too narrow? Here are five top signs you have a problem.

#1: People are asking you to open it up

One of the first signs you may see is people asking you to widen your niche. They’ll take to the comments to ask questions about topics that aren’t quite covered in your blogging niche or they’ll email you with requests about other topics.

If you only get one or two people but have plenty of others interested in your niche, it’s not a big deal. This just suggests that those one or two readers aren’t quite coming across the right blogs for them.

However, watch out for one or two in a small number of people interested in your niche.

If you get people asking you to open up your niche, consider doing it. You’ll be able to build a more loyal audience because readers see that you do care.

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#2: You’re struggling to get readers

While competition may have something to do with this, having a narrow niche will make it harder to get readers. This is especially the case if the niche is so narrow that it cuts out the majority of your potential readers.

It’s important to look into who is researching your niche. How popular is it and will it be worth starting a blog in it?

Years ago, I blogged in the weight loss niche. I narrowed down to just Weight Watchers (now WW). While some of it helped, I lost a lot of my readers. After all, not everyone followed Weight Watchers.

Fortunately, I didn’t do too much damage. Weight Watchers is one of the biggest weight loss programs. What if I’d narrowed down to one of the fad diets?

#3: You’re running out of blog post ideas

You need to keep blogging to keep your blog going. Google thrives on new information, and followers will love to get updates in their emails.

If you start running out of ideas, it can tell you a few things. You could fall out of love with the topic or your niche is too narrow. Think about whether you are struggling with the niche or not.

Having a niche that is too narrow means that you don’t get a lot of questions from followers. Comments from readers will help you develop new content. They help you find the problems readers have to create something that they will be interested in reading.

If your niche is too narrow and you don’t have the following, people aren’t going to leave comments to help you develop new blog posts.

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#4: There aren’t many affiliate products

I’m a huge fan of affiliate marketing. So much of a fan that I’m constantly looking into new tips and tricks to make it work.

Affiliate marketing is the way to make money. It’s much better than ads and so much easier than producing your own products. But you need to offer affiliate products that are within your niche.

If your niche is too narrow, you may not find products that have been created. I love writing history, but there are certain people in history who don’t have many books written about them. Historians focus on those who are more popular in most cases. So, when I write about the people who are less popular I will struggle to find products.

Luckily, my issue is for one or two posts. Not my whole blog!

If you can’t find a lot of affiliate products for your niche, it’s likely too narrow. You’ll need to widen it up to find something to offer your followers.

5 Signs Your Blogging Niche Is Too Narrow

#5: There’s no competition

Having no competition isn’t necessarily going to be a good thing. Sure, it means there’s no-one taking your readers, but there could be another reason for no competition.

If you still have no readers but no competition, there’s a reason there wasn’t anyone writing in this niche in the first place. It’s too narrow; there aren’t enough people interested to get the blog going and keeping it alive.

No competition could mean that it’s not a niche that’s in demand. Just one or two sites doesn’t necessarily mean the niche is good. You need to look into the number of readers those blogs are getting and the value of their blogs.

It’s time to consider your niche in more detail. Have you gone for something too narrow? This is certainly a possibility. Look into the above signs and determine if you need to rethink your niche.

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Are you struggling with your blogging niche? Is it too narrow? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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