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5 simple tips for using social media to make money with residual income sites

Social media is a powerful tool when you need to make money with residual income sites. If you’re not using it then you are missing out. I don’t mean that you should only use social media, but you’re leaving money on the table if you’re completely ignoring it. That’s the biggest of the social media tips I can offer, but you knew that already, right?

I know the majority of my traffic on residual income sites comes from Google. That’s pretty standard. It’s about 80% of my traffic that comes from search engines when all are taken into account. The other 20% is from social media and that amount is growing. This blog along sees a good 40% of traffic from social media alone.

To use social media to make money with residual income sites, you need to use them effectively. There’s no point posting and running. The clue is in the name “social” media. So, here are my five simple but effective social media tips to make money online with revenue share.

1. Work on one to two at a time

Don’t try to be everywhere at once. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and something I tried a long time ago. There’s no need to cover everything. If you’re always thinking about the target audience you could be missing out on, you’ll never focus on the audience that you’re gaining already.

I choose my social media depending on my niche; depending on who my target audience is. When I write about Supernatural, I’ll use Twitter more. If I’m writing about Outlander, I find Facebook and Pinterest work best. For this blog, Facebook has been my best friend. So, I work on where I’m needed the most.

I started first with Twitter. Once that was built up, I could look at Facebook and Pinterest. So, while I’m now on three social media accounts, I started with one to initially build my presence.

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2. Be active on social media in other ways

You can’t just post and run away. Social media requires you to actually be active. That means chatting to people, getting to know them, and sometimes (shock, horror) not plugging your content.

Be a friendly face; someone they know who understands them and respects them. You’ll get more people checking out who you are and what you offer after that.

I’m always having conversations on Twitter with people. For someone who is an introvert, I find Twitter really useful for having debates and conversations. It’s the most social I’ll be with strangers. And it’s so easy! The more you get used to it, the more your personality comes out.

3. Get into the Facebook groups to make money with residual income sites

Use Facebook groups to your advantage. This is where most of my views has always come from, so when Facebook made the change to its pages, that change never bothered me.

Like Twitter, you don’t just drop your link and run away. You’ll need to follow the group rules and get involved in other conversations. My general rule is for every link I drop in, I will have at least 10 other conversations to make myself known. I want to show that I’m an active part of the group and want to be there for the social aspect.

It’s also important to keep an eye on any of the updates to the group rules. Some group owners are getting wise to people using residual income sites to make money and dropping their links so they’re not allowing it anymore. You don’t want to get banned, especially if it’s a group you enjoy being in for other reasons!

Use Social Media to Make Money With Residual Income Sites

4. Make images count

Your images will have a huge impact on how well your social media posts do. This will differ among the different platforms too. I always create a Pinterest image for my blog posts here. They’re consistent to the brand, allowing people to know it’s me the minute a new pin pops up. Verticle pins are better than horizontal in most cases. (I find TV shows can be an exception to the rule.)

However, Facebook benefits more from the horizontal images. The same applies to Twitter. And then it depends on the type of image and link you’re posting!

Take a look at what others within your niche are doing with social media images. How are they standing out from the noise and drawing in the eyeballs? You’ll get some ideas on what to do with your own. Canva is your best friend when it comes to images.

I’ll admit that I’m very new to Instagram. It’s something I’m trying to learn but I think square images are better there.

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5. Do a bit of trial and error

You’ll want to find what works for you specifically. Does an image as the focal point work better for your Facebook page? Could you add a link in the comments or in the caption? What about on Twitter? Maybe the actual post showing up works better there to make it easier for people to find the link.

The trial and error will also apply to the type of content you share, when you share it, how active you need to be, and how everything is shared. Posting on Facebook should be done through Facebook itself, but Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. can be through something like Buffer or Hootsuite.

This isn’t something I’m going to be able to answer for you in a blog post. We’re all different and I notice that a lot with working in different niches through residual income sites.

Are you struggling to make the most of social media? Do you need help to make it work to make money through residual income sites? Need more social media tips? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to answer your questions.

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