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Why you need to take your social media marketing one platform at a time

Social media marketing is powerful for bloggers, but you need to do it right. Over the years I’ve developed different skills and techniques for working on different platforms, but I’m still not on al of them.

One thing that I have found over the years has become the biggest of my social media marketing tips for writers. It’s all about taking it one step at a time. More specifically, take it one social media platform at a time.

But aren’t you missing out on a major audience? Well, maybe but trying to spread yourself too thin is not going to help you reach the audience. You’ll actually hurt yourself.

You don’t have to completely ignore them either. It’s possible to automate some of the others and put your focus into on social media platform for your blog posts. But you want your focus to be on no more than two at a time while you build the audiences.

Why is working on one social media platform at a time so useful? I’m going to share what I’ve found over the years.

There are only so many hours in a day

You have the same 24 hours in a seven-day week that we all do. How you use that time will affect how well you do as a writer.

If you spend all your time going between the different social media platforms, learning their quirks, and finding the best individual hashtags, how do you have the time for everything else? Is it really worth it?

Someone once asked me if I’m on Tumblr and why not. Well, it’s not the social media platform for me right now. I don’t have the time to learn more about it and use it to my advantage.

My focus right now is on Twitter and Pinterest, but I do post on Facebook and Instagram too.

Why two? Well, Twitter for some websites and Pinterest for the others. I have multiple niche blogs!

I want to spend more time with my family, so that means limiting the amount of time I spend on social media. I may be losing out on an audience but I’m okay with that right now.

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They are all so different it gets confusing!

Pinterest works better with long images, while Twitter and Instagram are great when you use the right hashtags. You can boost your views on Facebook with ads or through sharing in groups. Each social media platform is very different in the way it reaches out to individuals.

Could you imagine trying to learn the different quirks? You’re not just using up more time but it gets so confusing. You could end up doing a Pinterest tip on Instagram or use a great Twitter hashtag on Facebook, where it means very little.

I know I’ve gotten confused in the past. Now that I’ve scaled back and automated some of my social media platforms, I can help to grow my following on others. I focus on what people actually want to read in a way that makes sense to them.

The automation just helps to keep my content scrolling through newsfeeds, although I’m still present and engaged. When it comes to the focused platforms, I can delve deeper and fully engage with my followers.

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Why take social media marketing one platform at a time

Stay on top of connections

There’s nothing worse than posting and running on some sites. That’s definitely the case for Facebook. People want to engage with you in the comments.

You need to stay on top of your pages and on top of your connections. If you disappear, people will start to unlike the page. They’ll forget all about you and you stop appearing in their newsfeeds. They no longer share the content you provide with their friends, increasing your followers.

When you take it one social media platform at a time, you can stay on top of the connections better. People get to know you and they find another reason to follow you. They also find a reason to buy through or from you.

Focusing on one social media platform at a time will still help you build your following. It’s one of my favorite out of all my social media tips for writers because it genuinely works. You build stronger connections while learning exactly how the platform works.

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Don’t just right into all the social media platforms out there. Automate them with the likes of Buffer or Hootsuite, but spend your time focusing on one specific one. For this blog it’s Facebook but for some others is Pinterest and then I automate Twitter and Google+. I have more time and really get to network.

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